The Key to Finding Your Own Voice

From newspapers to TV to novels, no matter the medium, how does a writer find her voice?

A Guest Post by Kimberly Brown


I’ll never forget the first time one of my articles published in the local newspaper. It was a moment that solidified my career as a writer.

I relocated to New York City in pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry. And I was excited about embarking on a new journey. However, I was still very empathetic for all of the young girls back home in Maryland. My hope has always been for any child – regardless of race, gender or social economic class – to have an even playing field towards achieving success in this world.

Through reflection of my own upbringing, it was with optimism that I would instill such encouragement into the future of young leaders. Therefore, I was determined to find a special portal which filtered a message of inspiration to youth. Well, inevitably my time would come.

In spring the following year, “The Baltimore Sun” newspaper launched a weekly publication, “The B.” I immediately contacted one of the editors about contributing articles. As the conversation progressed and I expressed sincerity in wanting to connect with my hometown publication, the editor suggested that I submit an article for the “B Heard” column.

Initially, I was not assigned a specific topic, but instead advised to write a fully executed thought on how I felt about any subject pertaining to the city. Without a second thought, I wrote a message for the youth.

In this particular article, I shared personal perspectives on my experience growing up in the inner city. I shared my emotions when returning home for visits. And, essentially, the message I wanted to share with every young child – Do not ever give up. Dream big. And you will achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to.

Mission accomplished.

The following week I received a phone call from a friend who was ecstatic (and screaming with happiness!) about reading my article in the newspaper. She too was inspired by the message. It was in that very moment I witnessed what started as a sincere thought transpire to a vision that poured onto the streets of an entire region.

I found my voice in this moment. It became a secret retreat to navigate when I needed a message of hope. This tender space is also at the center of my authenticity. It is a sounding board and voice of reason. It has been the weapon of choice for conquering challenges throughout my career.

Fast forward to writing my first television show. I relied on that same portal when deciding to move forward with the concept for a pilot. There was a particular group of dancers whom I’d grown fond of as well as highly respectful of their craft.

Subsequently, writing an article established a connection. This led to capturing highlighted performances during this time-frame. These moments also birthed such elements for the television show.

In an industry oftentimes viewed as superficial, the secret to sustaining my career as a writer was to always pursue opportunities where there were genuine connections. These were subjects that would allow me to thrive off passion. Hence, why my first two television projects were successful. In the pitch and presentation stages, they both came from places of substance.

As an indie author, an outlet such as Barnes and Noble Press offers a platform to produce and publish your own content. And it offers control over how your voice is projected. We each have a unique voice. And all of our voices individually have a specific destination for a reason.

The universe was created with billions of different people who come from a variety of backgrounds and personal experiences. This means there is a story (or book) that directly relates to another human experience. Whether it is to inspire, frustrate or provoke global discussion, words are powerful tools. And your book is a great source for igniting a new conversation.

It is also a relief that platforms such as Barnes and Noble exist so we can exercise our right to freedom of speech. A place to showcase equality and be receptive to all voices.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered there is a very fine line between ignorance and acceptance as it pertains to our interactions with other human beings. These very experiences are relayed in my latest book “Defining Obsession.” I have observed that while an entire society may not agree with one particular perspective we should at least respect the views of others.

Equality after all is the American way. We created individual rights to protect – not violate.

Should you ever find yourself lost or uncertain about which career opportunity you should pursue, remember that you always have an inner voice as guidance and your own path to follow.

Should you ever need a reminder that in spite of life’s traumas you too will rise again, then be sure to check out my new book “Defining Obsession” – confirmation that there’s a rainbow on the other side of life’s storm.

Cheers, and be well!


About Kimberly:

Kimberly Brown is a credible journalist, writer and producer. She has over a decade of professional experience in the entertainment industry. Ms. Brown received recent recognition as the creator, writer and producer of a made-for-television series “Run this Town” which sold to a Viacom network.

Ms. Brown first published her first book “Reflections – What Ms. Angelou Taught Me” in 2018. The book highlighted her life growing up in the inner city of Baltimore to dreams fulfilled as a writer working in the entertainment industry.

Previously, Ms. Brown launched a podcast series “Shut Up” which aired at top and trending on Messy FM platform. Currently, Ms. Brown’s second novel “Defining Obsession” is due out in late January. She is also a advocate for gender equality and fair pay for women.


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