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Moonshine & Murder by Kathleen Brooks

Zoey Mathers had everything going for her until one night she lost her biggest client, her job, and her reputation. Leaving her life up to fate, Zoey would serve out her career exile in the small mountain town of Moonshine Hollow where moonshine flowed as freely as a mountain stream. But giving up the law to become a baker in Moonshine Hollow turned out to be the best thing Zoey had ever done. Until, Zoey stumbles over a murder victim and the town’s sheriff becomes involved. Now she’s trying to find a murderer, stop two old witches from playing matchmaker, and learning she’s way more than a mere accidental witch.

Arsenic in the Azaleas by Dale Mayer

After her ex-husband leaves her high and dry, former socialite Doreen Montgomery’s chance at a new life comes in the form of her grandmother’s, dilapidated old house in picturesque Kelowna. And the added job of caring for the animals her Nan couldn’t take into assisted living with her.  It’s the new start Doreen. But, just as things start to look up, a human finger is discovered in Nan’s overrun garden. And then it’s not just a finger. Once the police start digging, the rest of the body turns up and turns out to be connected to an old unsolved crime. With her grandmother as the prime suspect, Doreen soon finds herself stumbling over clues, as she does her best to prove her beloved Nan innocent of murder.

Better Off Wed by Laura Durham

Society wedding planner Annabelle Archer is no stranger to wedding day stress, but a dead body at her latest fete takes the cake. When suspicion falls on her best friend and caterer Richard Gerard, she knows she must find the real culprit before his career is ruined along with her reputation for solving problems. But it’s no easy feat since the slain mother-of-the-bride was the most hated socialite in the city. As Annabelle navigates DC’s powerful social scene to unmask the culprit, there’s no telling how many more victims the killer will claim or if Annabelle and her friends will be among them.

Death in the Park by London Lovett

With her social life and writing career in tatters at the ripe old age of thirty-five, Sunni Taylor decides to pack up her things and join her sisters in the small town of Firefly Junction. Hoping to open a bed and breakfast, Sunni sets herself the task of refurbishing the rundown Cider Ridge Inn. In the meantime, she’s stuck writing dull human interest stories for the Junction Times. But when Sunni decides to bend the rules on her first newspaper assignment, she soon finds herself in her favorite place. And right in the center of a murder investigation.

Murder in the Manor by Fiona Grace

Lacey Doyle, freshly divorced, needs a drastic change. She needs to quit her job, leave her horrendous boss and New York City, and walk away from the fast life. She decides to walk away from it all, and to relive a beloved childhood vacation in the quaint English seaside town of Wilfordshire. Lacey finally feels that her life is taking a step in the right direction—until her new star customer turns up dead! As the newcomer in town, all eyes are on Lacey, and it’s up to her to clear her own name. With a business to run, a next-door neighbor turned nemesis, a flirty baker across the street, and a crime to solve – is this new life all that Lacey thought it would be?

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts

Everyone Has a Hidden Talent. For Lucky O’Toole it’s murder…well, solving it. Surviving in Sin City takes cunning, a pair of five-inch heels, and a wiseass attitude. Lucky has mastered them all. She also has a pair of legs to kick butt and turn heads. As the Chief Problem Solver for the Babylon, Las Vegas’s most over-the-top destination, mischief is in her job description. And she’s good at her job. But when a woman falls from a tour helicopter to the horror of the 8:30 Pirate show crowd, it’s up to Lucky to investigate this most inopportune disruption. Will her sleuthing skills catch the killer and save her job?

Murder, Curlers, and Cream by Arlene McFarlane

Valentine Beaumont is desperate to revive her dying salon business. Trying to recover from an infamous incident, the last thing she needs is another scandal. So when a wealthy socialite is strangled with a steamer cord while awaiting her facial, Valentine has no choice but to start combing through clues. Battling a sexy, hard-headed detective who can’t tell pigtails from a pompadour, Valentine is convinced he’s pursuing the wrong suspect. And despite his warning not to meddle, the gutsy stylist vows to clear her name before the killer claims another client. Can Valentine tie up the culprit before more lives are cut short?

Peril in Pensacola by Lucy Quinn

Dora Winslow is having a hard day. Not only does she stumble upon a money laundering scheme, but the next thing she knows her boss is dead. As the prime suspect for his murder, she goes to a police officer she trusts. But Dora soon learns things aren’t adding up because the officer’s got a mysterious scheme of his own. Now, along with her best friend, Dora is on the run. But before they can leave town to secure the evidence that could clear her name, she has to bring the officer down. With help from a hot chef, a friendly mailman, and a little white dog, Dora must balance the scales to save their bottom line.

Die Noon by Elise Sax

Matilda Dare can’t sleep. Her insomnia is one more reason to move to the quirky small town of Goodnight, New Mexico after she inherits a house, a small newspaper, and two old dogs there. But Matilda still spends her nights wide awake, and she has good reason after a reporter is murdered. With a mystery to solve, she begins to investigate the town and uncovers more suspects than she knows what to do with. As her investigation continues, danger increases, and it might end up spelling lights out for Matilda.

Never Buried by Edie Claire

Advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow doesn’t pack heat, just a few extra pounds. And she doesn’t go looking for trouble. When she moved into her cousin refurbished Victorian house, she wasn’t planning on discovering a corpse. And certainly not one that had been embalmed ten years before. But as anyone in the small Pittsburgh borough of Avalon could tell her, her cousin’s house has a history attached. A history dating back to two mysterious deaths in the summer of 1949. Someone wants Leigh and her cousin out of the house. And the nearer the women get to the truth, the more desperate this someone becomes. Some secrets are better off kept. Especially when they hit close to home!

Parlez-Vous Murder? by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

My name is Jules Hooker. I have lived through a few crappy moments in my life, but nothing, nothing compares to what happened to me last year. Not only did my boyfriend dump me on the day I thought he was going to propose, I also discovered a dead body in the house in France I rented as an escape. And then, then there was the dirty bomb that exploded over the Riviera throwing me and everyone else in France back to the 1950s! So now I’m stranded and trying to make a living by solving murders the old fashioned way. And I’m doing it in France. Where I do not speak the language. During the apocalypse. Sound like fun?

Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones

Paisley Sutton shot to stardom as a teenage rock sensation, but ten years later that star has fizzled out, just like her bank account. When she unexpectedly inherits her aunt’s wedding planning business, Paisley leaves for a charming small town in Arkansas. Thinking she’ll arrive in Sugar Creek and liquidate the moldy property, Paisley finds she’s got two months to keep Enchanted Events afloat if she wants to sell and rekindle her music career with the profits. But when a Bridezilla is found facedown in her cake, all fingers point to Paisley as the prime murder suspect. And she does not look good in prison orange…

Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon 

CIA assassin Fortune Redding is about to undertake her most difficult mission ever in Sinful, Louisiana. With a leak at the CIA and a price placed on her head by one of the world’s largest arms dealers, Fortune has to go off-grid. But she never expected to be this far out of her element. Hiding out in a small bayou town seems worse than death to Fortune, but she’s determined to fly below the radar until her boss finds the leak and puts the arms dealer out of play. Unfortunately, she hasn’t even unpacked a suitcase before her newly inherited dog digs up a human bone in her backyard. Thrust into the middle of a bayou murder mystery, if she’s not careful, this investigation might blow her cover and get her killed.

A Shot in the Bark by C.A. Newsome

Would you recognize a killer if you talked to one every day? Artist Lia Anderson doesn’t. Neither do her friends at the Mount Airy Dog Park. When the apparent suicide of Lia’s deadbeat boyfriend brings Detective Peter Dourson to the Dog Park, he decides to adopt the dead man’s dog to infiltrate the tight group he’s certain conceals the killer. As his investigation uncovers secrets, a grieving Lia fights her growing attraction to the laid-back detective. Meanwhile, Luthor’s killer lurks, desperate to stay ahead of the investigation, no matter who has to die…

In For a Penny by Kelsey Browning & Nancy Naigle

When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in the small town of Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot money mess. Desperate and penniless, Lil cooks up a shady deal that lands her smack-dab in the slammer. Burdened by her shameful secret and a crumbling family estate, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two over-fifty ladies to help. But when Maggie discovers that Lil’s restitution is ten times the amount she “borrowed” from the federal government, she’s convinced Lil has taken the fall for someone else’s crime.

A Honeybun & Coffee by Sam Cheever

She heard two men talking about killing some poor guy named Alastair. She only wanted to warn him–to save his life–but she soon found herself embroiled in his mess. He might be drop dead gorgeous. She might be forming a real attachment to his dog. But is any man worth this? Running for her life with a truly delicious hero, the help of his seven equally yummy brothers and one adorable dachshund named Jaws? Okay, okay… maybe he is worth it.

Death on the Diversion by Patricia McLinn

Sheila Mackey has a secret. To the world, she’s author of a blockbuster book. Her wily great-aunt, the actual author, orchestrated this mutually beneficial masquerade. Now the aunt’s retiring and Sheila must draft Act Two of her own life. And a cruise is supposed to be the perfect time to do that. But crossing the Atlantic on the Diversion, Sheila finds a dead body on deck. And Sheila soon realizes she knows a whole lot more about the interactions of the victim and suspects than the ship’s officials. She’s drawn into sleuthing and finds herself linked to a well-meaning, but overprotective would-be Doctor Watson.

Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

When out of work graphic designer Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she’s saddled with more than a supernatural sidekick and gains the ability see spirits. Ellis Wydell is in possession of a stunning historic property haunted by some of Sugarland Tennessee’s finest former citizens. Only some of them are growing restless and destructive. He hires Verity to put an end to the disturbances. But soon, Verity learns there’s more to the mysterious estate. There’s a modern day mystery afoot, one that hinges on a decades-old murder. Verity isn’t above questioning the living, or the dead. But can she discover the truth before the killer finds her?

Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case by Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year.

Jayne Frost is a lot of things and now…private investigator. Sort of. Needing someone he can trust, her father sends her undercover to Nocturne Falls to find out why employees at the Santa’s Workshop toy store are going missing. Doing that requires getting to know the town, which leads to interesting encounters with a sexy vampire, an old flame, and an elevator that’s strictly off-limits. The more Jayne finds out, the more questions she has, but the answers lead her deeper into danger.

Will her magic save her? Or will she come up cold?

Rosemary’s Gravy by Melissa F. Miller

The day I become a murder suspect starts like any other. But when my movie star client dies from an allergic reaction after eating my cooking, the police want to charge me and close the case. To clear my reputation and stay out of prison, I have to find the real murderer. The suspect list is long and includes a womanizing race car driver; a powerful music producer; Hollywood’s hottest leading man; and, oh yeah, Felix, the dead woman’s gorgeous stepson–which gets a bit awkward when he and I start dating. Salvaging an oversalted sauce? No problem. Saving my bacon while a ruggedly handsome homicide detective investigates me for murder? We’ll see …

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