15 New Series Starters Dropping in 2023!

This year, there’s plenty of new series starters we can’t wait to read. And from some of our favorite indie authors, these are already favorited in our wishlist. Dropping in 2023, we’ve picked these 15 New Series Starters that will leave you wanting more.


Magnus by Dale Mayer

Deep in the permafrost of the Arctic, a joint task force, comprised of over one dozen countries, comes together to level up their winter skills. A mix of personalities, nationalities, and egos bring out the best—and the worst—as these globally elite men and women work and play together. One fatality is almost expected with this training. A second is tough but not a surprise. However, when a third goes missing? It’s hard to not be suspicious. When the missing man is connected to one of the elite Maverick team members and is a special friend of Lieutenant Commander Mason Callister? All hell breaks loose…


Releases: 2/7/23

Series: Shadow Recon


How to One-Night Stand by Mallory Black

Kiera: I’m done hoping for white lace and promises. I’m going to find the perfect guy to teach me how to hit it and quit it. It’s a great idea…until I accidentally email my proposition to the sexiest manwhore I know. My boss.

Jonathan: I’m enjoying singledom and a different woman every night—until I receive a shocking come-on from my gorgeous new assistant. Suddenly, I’m falling hard. But is it too late to convince her to give love another try now that I’ve taught her how to one-night stand?


Releases: 2/7/23

Series: The How To Series


Let Her Go by Blake Pierce

Fiona Red would rather spend most of her time in the lab or at crime scenes. Her parents ran a funeral parlor, and she would have ran the family business if not for a tragedy in her past: as a teenager, her sister was abducted and never found. Fiona remains determined to crack her sister’s case. But in the meantime, as an FBI agent, she applies her brilliance to catching killers and cracking cases that no one else can, as bugs are the first visitors to dead bodies. With her FBI partner out in the field, Fiona expects to stay behind the scenes. But Fiona, obsessed with catching killers, takes it one step too far, and may just find herself in the crosshairs of a killer herself.


Releases: 2/14/23

Series: A Fiona Red FBI Suspense Thriller


Bend Her by Cassie Alexander

Bend Her: A Dark Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Romance is the story of Rhaim the All-Beast, a cruel beast mage doomed to die at the hands of the woman he must protect at all costs, and Lisane, the sheltered Princess of Tears, who has been given into his care and who needs him to teach her magic so she can be free—no matter how much it might hurt her.

Releases: 2/14/23

Series: The Transformation Trilogy


Tall Drink of Slaughter by Clare Kauter

Stumbling across a dead body isn’t so strange in the beach town of Dunkerton. After all, it is Australia’s murder capital. But finding your acquaintance-slash-future-friend strung up by a serial killer is enough to ruin anybody’s day. Lucky for me, I plan to work with sexy true crime podcaster, Cash. Things are heating up, and with a killer on the loose, this time an ice-cold mojito and a thick layer of sunscreen might not be enough to keep me from getting burned…

Releases: 2/24/23

Series: Keely South’s Boozy Mysteries


You Don’t Know Jack by J. Robert Kennedy

When Jack—just Jack—attends a soiree at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, he isn’t there for a good time—he’s there to meet with a Russian asset. The asset insists she has vital intel that must be delivered directly into his hands. But not before one last tryst and Jack is more than happy to comply. Until he wakes up in a hotel room in Moscow, with the state police pounding on his door. Jack, and America, stand accused of assassinating the Russian president. Disavowed, Jack is in a race against time to find the truth before two countries with massive nuclear arsenals at their disposal go to war.


Releases: 2/27/23

Series: Just Jack Thrillers


In the Kingdom of Dreams by C.L. Cannon

Long ago in a kingdom far away, lived a fair king and his queen. For many years they longed for a child. Finally, the gods smiled upon them and they were blessed with a daughter whom they called Aurelia. She was the sunshine of their lives, until an evil fairy placed a curse upon her, damning her to sleep eternally until she should receive true love’s first kiss. Forever to dream. But there is a power in dreams. Some might even call it magic…

Releases: 3/1/23

Series: In the Kingdom of Dreams


Beach View Lane by Jan Moran

Three beach cruisers, two sisters, and one summer to recreate their lives. A heartwarming family saga set on a Southern California beach. A new adventure awaits April Flowers and her two grown daughters on the beaches of Crown Island. As she grapples with an unexpected new family, she also faces the challenge of recreating her life and helping her daughters find their true calling.

Releases: 3/21/23

Series: Crown Lane


Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young

Walker Ironside misses his homeland. In the Scottish Highlands, he’s content working the elite security to an exclusive members-only club, Ardnoch Estate. What he doesn’t need is distraction. Sloane Harrow never imagined she’d get pregnant at sixteen. A decade later, she’s escaped to the Scottish Highlands. Hidden and safe, Sloane’s life with her daughter is stable. However, when someone arrives in Ardnoch intent on destroying Sloane’s life, Walker is the first to step up. Even if it means giving into temptation and awakening his own demons. Because in doing so, Walker faces failing not only to shield Sloane from her past, but to safeguard her against his own.

Releases: 5/2/23

Series: The Highland Series


Wild Scottish Knight by Tricia O’Malley

The knight was supposed to be a man. Not me, Sophie MacKnight, a marketing associate from California. Somehow I’ve inherited a haunted castle in Scotland. I was ready to sell the heap of bricks, but the people of Loren Brae are in trouble, and it appears I’m next in line to reinstate the magickal Order of Caledonia. Which means, first, I have to learn to believe in magick. And, second, I have to train to become a knight. My trainer is none other than Lachlan Campbell who doesn’t think I can hack it. Plus, he also resents my claim on his castle. Now, I’m stuck proving myself and trying to help Loren Brae. Who will win in this (Highland) game of love?

Releases: 5/2/23

Series: The Enchanted Highlands


The Trouble With a Small Town Cowboy by Debra Clopton

It’s been eight years since Lacy Brown drove into town and set Mule Hallow, Texas on the map. Now, she’s hired a new stylist, Izzie Cranberry who is happy to be in the town that’s made history with its everlasting “wives wanted campaign.” But styling is all she’s here for…and maybe a laugh or two from the legendary matchmakers who sit in her styling chair. Horse trainer Luc Asher has taken a job in town but also has no plans to be one of the “matches.” Until the moment he strides into Sam’s Diner looking as handsome and alone as a man shouldn’t be.


Releases: 5/31/23

Series: Texas Matchmakers At It Again


Seams like Murder by Tilly Wallace

1920, Wellington, New Zealand. Grace Devine is poised to build her thriving dress design business. But when a fashionable client is murdered, suspicion falls on Grace as the last person to see Agatha alive. As wary clients cancel and business begins to fail, Grace decides there’s only one way to prove her innocence and save her career…this seamstress will turn sleuth to find who really murdered the showgirl. The more she learns, the more she uncovers of the darker side of the dead woman’s personality. Agatha liked to collect secrets and use them against people. But what target snapped that fatal night? Can Grace stitch together the clues before her life is torn apart…

Releases: 6/7/23

Series: Grace Designs Mysteries


The Aether by T.M. Cromer

From the award-winning author of The Thorne Witches and The Unlucky Charms series: Book 1 in the exciting new paranormal romance series: The Sentinels of Magic!

Releases: 10/17/23

Series: Sentinels of Magic


Face-Off by Kathleen Brooks

Stone Townsend is the center for the pro-hockey team in Charleston. And it couldn’t be worse timing to get an injury under new team management and a new coach. Natalie Novak owns a new sports academy that trains and rehabilitates athletes. She’s also a former prima ballerina and daughter of Charleston’s new hockey coach, though no one knows it, among other secrets. Natalie thought it would be simple to leave her past behind, but her past is about to find her. Stone only cared about getting back into shape, that is until Natalie. He realizes there’s a lot more to her that meets the eye. With his heart and career in Natalie’s hands, he vows to protect her with his life.


Releases: 12/7/23

Series: Shadows Landing: The Townsends


The Doctor Spy by Dobi Cross

He became a spy through circumstances beyond his control. Now Jason Martin is turning back to what he’d always wanted to be—a preserver of life instead of a taker. But there are forces against this, enemies that are out to destroy everything he holds dear. And a spy with a conscience is always a bad idea. Can Dr. Jason Martin survive the avalanche, or will he be forced back into his old ways?

Releases: 12/15/23

Series: Dr. Jason Martin Thriller




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