20 Christmas In July Books to Read Right Now

Get in the holiday spirit this summer with our recommended Christmas in July books to read right now! Featuring romance and mystery yuletide favorites, you’ll be walking in a winter wonderland all summer long.


A Billionaire Inventor for Christmas by Dobi Daniels

Sarah Nash just wants to find joy in life again at Christmas. And what better place to rediscover it than with a brief vacation in her hometown of Dexington, where she’d spent the happiest times of her life. But she didn’t plan on bumping into Phillip Dexington—billionaire inventor, the town’s most eligible bachelor, and her first kiss. Healthcare billionaire and inventor Phillip Dexington has plans. Then he runs into Sarah, the one who stole his heart and disappeared many years ago. When they’re forced to work together on a Christmas project right before Phillip’s product launch, will they give love one more chance before Sarah leaves again?



What People Are Saying: If you like sweet page-turning heartwarming romance filled with swoon-worthy heroes and unexpected twists, you’ll love this charming first entry in the Dexington Christmas Billionaires series.

The Christmas Conquest by Claire Delacroix

Rhys Bettencourt, Baron Trevelaine, had every intention of avoiding his family’s curse. An arranged marriage and the provision of at least one heir. But two years into an arranged marriage, Catherine despairs of ever bearing a child. She flees to Rockmorton Manor for Christmas. But only to find Rhys waiting for her, determined to convince her to stay with him. Does he want Catherine or her fortune? Armed with information and with little to lose, Catherine embarks upon a campaign of seduction that Rhys finds himself powerless to resist. Caught between love and the wretched curse, can Rhys find a way to keep his cherished wife safely by his side?

What People Are Saying: The first installment in a new series that brings the steam and the passion to those cold English nights.

The Christmas Key by Phillipa Nefri Clark

A hot summer Christmas Day is just around the corner in the Australian seaside town of River’s End. Beachside BBQs and sumptuous dinners are on the menu. But Martha Blake is like a dog with a bone, determined to solve the last of the cottage mysteries. Meanwhile, Thomas is busy with his own clues and enlists a reluctant Martin. At Palmerston House, loving new couple Elizabeth and Angus face their greatest obstacle, and it might be too much to overcome. Is love enough this time, as the beloved residents of River’s End deal with the fallout of the old mystery? Who, or what, will bring them all together in time for Christmas?

What People Are Saying: A beautiful novella with the last of the secrets revealed, and delightful Christmas magic to touch the favourite residents of River’s End

The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox

Verity is ready to deck the halls, jingle some bells, and maybe, just maybe have a merry Christmas with her boyfriend’s stuffy family. Truly, if she doesn’t extend the proverbial olive branch to the overbearing Wydells, she’s afraid she’ll hit them over the head with it. But when her boyfriend’s mother pulls a shocking stunt, Verity finds herself with a big decision to make. And if that’s not enough, there’s an unexpected guest at her door. It’s the ghost of the woman who helped rescue Verity’s pet skunk three years ago that very night. And now she’s there to change Verity’s life as well.


What People Are Saying: “This was another exciting and entertaining story. I just love Verity, Lucy and Frankie. This is such a fun series.” – Cmick, B&N Reviewer

A Very Braden Christmas by Melissa Foster

A VERY BRADEN CHRISTMAS novelette is part of the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom stories are filled with family, fun, and the truest, deepest love of all. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books so you never have to leave your favorite characters behind. Readers are kept up to date with engagements, weddings, and births. Visit Melissa’s website for LOVE IN BLOOM family trees, series checklists, and more.

What People Are Saying: “Be prepared to shed real tears, it’s that touching and heart warming!” – Dena_M, B&N Reviewer

Swamp Santa by Jana DeLeon

It’s Christmas in Sinful and Fortune is set to participate in all the local hoopla. A Christmas gala, caroling, and a sleigh ride are on the agenda. Murder is not. But when someone bumps off Santa, Fortune is aware a killer is lurking among the holiday cheer. But with no client and no reason to interfere with a police investigation, it looks as if Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie will have to sit this one out. When they hire Fortune to investigate the man’s death, she gets her Christmas wish and Swamp Team 3 sets out to solve their final case of the year.



What People Are Saying: “A fun way to escape reality and enjoy some good laughs and a great mystery.” – Nancy0708, B&N Reviewer

Christmas at the Marshmallow Café by CP Ward

When downtrodden checkout assistant Bonnie Green receives a letter from a mysterious uncle, she can hardly believe her eyes. Gifted a hundred-year lease on a famous cafe situated in the middle of a mythical theme park, Bonnie sets off with her best friend Debbie on an adventure to a hidden valley in the Lake District where they will find new friendship, love, and happiness, all set against the magic of Christmas … and more marshmallows than they can possibly eat….

What People Are Saying: “This was such a heartwarming story about second chances and being never too old to take risks… his book was a thoroughly feel good read!” – LoriC20, B&N Reviewer

Christmas at the Waratah Inn by Lilly Mirren

Elizabeth is dreading spending her first Christmas alone when her friends convince her to book a holiday at the Waratah Inn. Robert Patch thought things couldn’t get any worse when his only daughter married a controlling and angry man. That was until his grandchildren arrived. When his son-in-law won’t allow Robert to stay with them over the holidays Robert does the next best thing and books into a nearby inn so he can see the children. He is pleasantly surprised when he meets a woman who reminds him of the love he lost so many years ago, in a way that reawakens a heart he’d long thought dormant.


What People Are Saying: “A wonderful and touching story that will touch your heart… Love the story and the characters , both were well written.” – LizD1, B&N Reviewer

Christmas on Main Street by Leeanna Morgan

Emma loves everything about living in Sapphire Bay. The scenery in the small Montana town is spectacular. Her communications business is thriving. And her six-year-old twins are happy. When a Christmas Facebook post goes viral, Emma and her friends are swamped with people asking Santa for help. Jack Devlin finds missing people. When his brother asks him to locate Emma’s ex-husband, he thinks it’s going to be an easy case. But the more time he spends with Emma, the more complicated their relationship becomes. With more than one heart on the line, will they go back to their old lives or risk everything for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love?


What People Are Saying: “Sometimes you just need a happy little read with not so much drama. I enjoyed the simplicity.” – AngieQ, B&N Reviewer

A Humbug Holiday by London Lovett

Sunni Taylor has been too busy to get into the holiday spirit, even with her mom coming to town for a visit. Her festive spirit gets a spark when Detective Brady Jackson asks her to attend the town’s production of A Christmas Carol. But when the holiday classic takes a grim turn, Sunni’s date night turns into a murder investigation. And in the middle of a winter festival, Sunni and Jackson must figure out who killed Ebenezer Scrooge.



What Are People Saying: “Love the characters and the story. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and the Port Dansby series. London Lovett can hardly was for the next book” – Anonymous, B&N Reviewer

Christmas Witch List by Colleen Cross

Cendrine West is looking forward to a cozy Christmas Eve dinner when a blizzard blows in, bringing with it a flurry of unexpected guests. But tipsy witches and mischievous magic spell a recipe for disaster, especially when a guest turns up dead. Cen’s sleuthing exposes a Santa-sized sack of trouble and everyone’s a suspect, even her hunky sheriff boyfriend. Is it a deadly accident by a drunken witch…or something more sinister? Murder is on the menu and only magic can uncover the truth in this witchy, wacky, Yuletide thrill ride!

What People Are Saying: “Awesome series. Enjoyed reading this book. Hopefully there will be many more to come.” – Anonymous, B&N Reviewer

The Lone Wolf’s Wish by Lisa Kessler

Shane Dodd has lost everything, his Pack, his home, and hope. His only wish this Christmas is to live long enough to exact revenge on the Nero assassin he believes killed his Pack. But when he steps between a bullet and Piper Holland everything changes. The woman dressed as one of Santa’s elves is his mate, and she ignites a flame in his heart. But hope and love are dangerous wishes for a lone wolf.



What People Are Saying: “The Lone Wolf’s Wish is a good start to this new series. It’s full of wonderful characters and is a great escape from the real world around us. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.” – ReadYourWrites, B&N Reviewer

The O’Connell Family Christmas by Lorraine Eckhart 

Owen O’Connell wants only one thing: to put a ring on the finger of his long-time girlfriend, Tessa Brooks. Meanwhile, Suzanne O’Connell finds herself in a year-long slump, being the live-in girlfriend of Deputy Harold Waters. Suzanne, who is known for her stubbornness and her obstinate sense of right and wrong, ends up taking on a woman no one else will, and in doing so, she tests her relationship not only with Harold but with every one of the O’Connells. As the O’Connells work together to keep their sister out of jail, can big brother Owen, who has been a father figure to all his siblings, achieve the future he dreams of with the only woman he’s ever truly loved?

What People Are Saying: “It’s a story that will captivate your heart while stirring your social conscience. I recommend this highly enjoyable read.” – Catlou, B&N Reviewer


A Countess for Christmas by Anthea Lawson

Miss Cecilia Fairfax dreads the upcoming holidays. Between caring for her elderly father and managing a household barely out of mourning, she has no time for the softer things in life. Liam Barrett, the Earl of Tarrick, is certain he will not accept Marcus Fairfax’s invitation to spend Christmas at the Fairfax family’s estate – and the man’s tales of a family ghost have nothing to do with his decision.
What People Are Saying: “A Countess For Christmas is a fun read and I look forward to reading more from Anthea Lawson in the future.” – Anonymous, B&N Reviewer

Gutsy Lovers and Cadavers by Anne R. Tan

Graduate student Raina Sun is in for a season of mayhem and murder. On a last minute shopping trip, she ends up in a riot for the last hot toy of the season and with an abandoned baby. Calling the mysterious phone number in the diaper bag leads to more questions than answers. A strange man claims to be the child’s father, and his alleged mother turns up dead. The local police are more interested in keeping the town’s good name out of international news than considering if there’s foul play. Raina summons her sleuthing skills to protect this baby and soon discovers everyone has a few skeletons in their closets. There’s no place for an amateur when it comes to murder…
What People Are Saying: “Gusty Lovers and Cadavers is a lighthearted page turner that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND” – Anonymous, B&N Reviewer
Christmas, 1934. Mildred Kilgore and Earlynne Biddle are planning to open a bakery on the square–if they can come up with the right recipes. Charlie Dickens faces two of the biggest puzzles of his career as an investigative reporter, and one of them involves his wife. Cute little Cupcake’s talent as a singer and dancer makes her a tempting target for an unscrupulous exploiter; Lizzy must enlist the Dahlias to protect her, while she herself is confronted by a romantic puzzle. And Sheriff Norris is forced to reopen a puzzling mystery that the town thought was solved and follow a string of clues that lead to a deadly situation at the nearby prison farm.
What People Are Saying: “I love a good period mystery and this series doesn’t disappoint, the author truly takes you back to the time period and with her descriptions it’s easy to picture all that is going on.” – TarynLee, B&N Revewier

Holiday Romance by Jill Sanders

A collection of 6 holiday stories to melt your heat and sweep you straight into the Christmas spirit.

What People Are Saying: Heartwarming stories that flow well together. Drama that’s sprinkled with humor, and characters that draw you in.

Christmas Spells by Morgana Best

Amelia is feeling extra Santa-mental and wants the Christmas spirit, just not the Christmas spirit who arrives to demand her help. The Ghost of Christmas Past was an elf-made man who was murdered the previous Christmas while in a Santa suit. Can Amelia solve the murder, or is it a lost Claus? Yule never guess who the murderer is 😉

What People Are Saying: “Of course the cozy mystery plot was excellent. Of course the characters certainly are… After all, it’s a Morgana Best cozy! Lots of outright fun, awful puns, and a twisting of Dickens filling in the spaces between sleuthing!” – Jan T, B&N Reviewer

The Secret Santa Mystery by R.B. Marshall 

Security expert for a British bank by day, horse trainer at night, Izzy Paterson is a multi-tasking, dressage-riding computer whizz with an addiction to strong coffee and a penchant for CSI on Netflix. So when the Secret Santa at her office Christmas party hands her a perplexing riddle, she just can’t ignore the mystery. Despite herself, Izzy is drawn into solving the puzzle, delving into the furthest reaches of the internet in her quest to track down the mysterious wrongdoer. Can she solve the mystery before the company implodes, or before her adversary takes things from the virtual to the physical–and still get home to Scotland in time for Christmas?

What People Are Saying: “Roz Marshall throws out hints, confuses the reader, adds irrelevancies – and has created a mystery to enjoy, characters that are friends by the end of the book, and, in this reader at least, a deep desire for more of Izzy and Team Leo.” – AnneDon, B&N Reviewer

A Town Divided by Christmas by Orson Scott Card

It began with a quarrel over which newborn should be the baby Jesus in the town’s Christmas pageant. Decades later, two scientists arrive to study small-town genetic patterns, only to run up against the invisible walls that split the leading citizens into two congregations that can only be joined by love and forgiveness. And maybe a little deception, because there might be some things that people just don’t need to know.

What People Are Saying: “Card’s prose is powerful.” – Publisher’s Weekly



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