This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

Keep up with your reading goals with this week’s five favorite indie eBooks! Murder, mystery, history, and thrills will be sure to keep you saying, “just one more chapter” late into the night.

The Hush by Sara Foster

Lainey’s friend Ellis is missing. And she’s not the only one. In the six months since the first case of a terrifying new epidemic—when a healthy baby wouldn’t take a breath at birth—the country has been thrown into turmoil. The government has passed sweeping new laws to monitor all citizens. And several young pregnant women have vanished without trace. As a midwife, Lainey’s mum, Emma, is determined to be there for those who need her. But when seventeen-year-old Lainey finds herself in trouble, this dangerous new world becomes very real. The one person who might help is Emma’s estranged mother, but reaching out to her will put them all in jeopardy…

What People are Saying: “his book was so good! I loved the strong female characters especially Emma and Lainey. This book really drew me in and had me hooked with all the government corruption going on. This is the first political thriller I’ve read and WOW! Just so wonderfully written by Sara Foster! This is a must read!!” – Khajjar, B&N Reviewer

Forever Lies by Kathleen Brooks

Greer Parker had her life planned out. But now, Greer is at a crossroads in her life—go back to the FBI or forge a new path. Then the man Greer can’t decide if she loves or hates needs to be rescued. When Sebastian Abel’s best friend, the president, asked for a favor, little did Sebastian know that developing code for a new spy satellite would find him kidnapped. Explosions, daring rescues, a town racing to help, and all the apple pie bribes lead to two strong personalities ending the charade that it hasn’t been love all along. Is the small town of Keeneston ready for what happens when someone puts the woman Sebastian Abel loves in the crosshairs? Or the better question: are they prepared for what Greer Parker will do to protect the man she loves?

    What People are Saying: “You won’t want to miss this one. You’ll laugh, cry, and generally be sitting on pins and needles awaiting the outcome.” – Choir10, B&N Reviewer

    The Purveli by Dianne Duvall

    Ava has always been different. Born with strong telepathic abilities, she’s offered a job with an obscure network working to protect humanity from savage vampires. Until a vicious attack by a mutual enemy lands Ava stranded with only one ship within range. One ship that carries the enemy. Jak’ri doesn’t know how long he has been a prisoner aboard the Cebaun, but he fears the enemy’s twisted experiments will soon lead them to a virus that will eradicate the Purveli people. Determined to distract each other from the horrors of their existence, they immerse themselves in telepathic communion. And, as their friendship deepens into love, the two hatch a daring plot to escape their captors…

    What People are Saying: “Dianne Duvall creates so many unforgettable characters and such impressive world building. I simply can’t get enough of her Immortal Guardians and now her Aldebarian Alliance.” – EbookObsessed, B&N Reviewer

    Disappearance of a Scribe by Dana Stabenow

    Two Alexandrian fishermen come across a horrifying sight. They find the body of a skeleton floating upright at the bottom of the sea, anchored in place by a cement weight around his feet. In Alexandria’s rough-and-tumble construction trade they call that ‘being fitted with a pair of Rhakotis sandals’ and what’s worse, he’s the second such victim in two years. Queen Cleopatra is busy rebuilding her city after the Alexandrian War and these murders are not to be allowed to interfere with this primary task, so she charges Tetisheri, her new Eye of Isis, with the task of finding out who these men were, when they were murdered, and, above all, why.

    What People are Saying: Another immersive, atmospheric, and vibrant addition to Stabenow’s historical crime Eye of Isis series.

    Hotel Portofino by JP O’Connell

    Hotel Portofino has only been open a few weeks, but already the problems are mounting for its coproprietor Bella Ainsworth. She is short of staff and ready money. Her high-class guests are demanding and hard to please. And she is being targeted by a scheming and corrupt local politician, who threatens to drag her into the red-hot political cauldron of Mussolini’s Italy. The hotel demands all of Bella’s resources, energy, and focus. But she has her own family to worry about too. And they are struggling in the traumatic aftermath of World War I. Soon, Bella finds that she is being pulled in far too many directions.


    What People are Saying: “Such a fascinating and evocative era…the 1920s took many societies from one extreme to the other… The author does a wonderful job taking the reader into the glamorous daily lives of the upper crust among those living and basking in the glow of the Italian Riviera. There were darker aspects as well with a second undercurrent, and those two juxtaposed concepts were balanced nicely.” – RachelDenise0, B&N Reviewer


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