This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

Explore the latest selection of this week’s captivating five favorite indie eBooks! Dive in for a delightful weekend escape.


The Vow by Susan Cochran

Successful pediatrician Dr. Jillian Scott’s marriage to firefighter Derek appears perfect, but it’s crumbling. Derek suddenly wants a divorce, but a near-fatal accident forces him to reevaluate. Dr. Mac Wilder offers support, deepening their connection and causing tension. Jillian is caught in the middle, seeking to regain control of her life. Derek must confront his actions to save his marriage.

What People are Saying: “This story had my emotions all over the place.” – Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, B&N Reviewer

Business Wealth Without Risk by Roland Frasier, Jay Abraham

Ever felt the thrill of a brilliant business idea only to slam into the brick wall of risk and uncertainty? You’re not alone. The old business model would have you jump through hoops of fire, risk losing money and time, often only to hit a dead end. But those days are gone. Today, the smartest business owners on the planet know that financial growth doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice. Are you ready to step into this new paradigm? If you’re ready to unlock the secret to building sustainable wealth without risking everything to do so, don’t wait another minute. Begin your journey to a wealthier, more secure business future.



What People are Saying: Discover the secrets to calculated business decisions and risk-free profitability in this book – a game-changer for entrepreneurs!


Just One Take by Chris Keniston

Sparks fly between billionaire movie producer Craig Baron and environmentalist Kate Donovan. Craig’s focus is on building a studio near the family ranch, but Kate is determined to protect an endangered bird that calls the land home. As they clash over the best way to move forward, they realize there’s more at stake than just their views. Can they bridge the gap and make their dreams a reality?

What People are Saying: “I loved how Ms. Keniston knew so much about the passions of her main characters… [I]t added so much to the story.” – Debbie B., B&N Reviewer


Jagged Truth by Emily Kimelman

Sydney’s peaceful life, guarding her son in secrecy, is shattered when she encounters Robert Maxim, a mysterious figure from her past. Their meeting in the brisk wind symbolizes their contrasting worlds. Although Sydney strives to keep her distance, Robert’s unyielding pursuit forces hidden truths to the surface. Now, torn between her past and her son’s safety, Sydney faces a crucial decision: Can she escape the enigmatic Robert Maxim, or is he her path to salvation?



What People are Saying: “This was an action-packed story, from start to finish, and was a good addition to the series. Read it in one sitting!” – K Huskić, B&N Reviewer

Osprey by M.L. Buchman

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hasn’t brought the world to war–yet. A Russian flyby of an American CMV-22 Osprey tiltrotor goes desperately wrong over the North Sea. Will the tipping point for World War III break the moment a favored daughter of the Oligarchy goes down in flames? When the NSA’s secret military base at Menwith Hill in the UK can’t handle it, they call in Miranda Chase. She and her elite team of air-crash investigators must avert a crisis like none before. A crisis that unravels her past, batters at her autism, and threatens to crush her team in the ultimate grinder of East vs. West.



What People are Saying: “I could not stop reading this! With typical Buchman flair, Osprey puts the reader into a very realistic, almost too realistic scenario, with the US and Russia again on the cusp of war… This series keeps me on the edge of my seat and engaged until I skip dinner to finish reading!” – CKenmuir, B&N Reviewer 



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