This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

Grab your blanket and snuggle up with this week’s five favorite indie eBooks! A perfect match for your cozy coffee weekend.


 Jack Be Nimble by J. Robert Kennedy

When Jack—just Jack—infiltrates a brutal Russian mercenary group, he gets caught up in their plans to remove the military leadership in Moscow. As the stunning events play out on international television, and the world watches in shock, the CIA is desperate to learn what exactly is going on. And why Jack is leading the charge. An intricate, brutal plan is unfolding live for the world to see, but changing the leadership in Moscow is only the beginning. And if Jack can’t figure out what is going on, and transmit what he finds back to Langley, the balance of power in Europe, and possibly beyond, could irreversibly shift.

What people are saying: “One of the best writers today.” – Johnny Olsen

 The Librarian of Crooked Lane by C. J. Archer.

Librarian Sylvia Ashe knows nothing about her past, as her mother refused to discuss her absent father. When she stumbles upon a diary that suggests she’s descended from magicians, she’s skeptical. After all, magicians are special, and she’s just an ordinary girl who loves books. She seeks the truth from a member of the most prominent family of magicians, but she learns that finding the truth won’t be easy, especially when he turns out to be as artless as her, and more compelling and dangerous than books. Sometimes the past is better left buried…

What people are saying: “This was a new author for me, so I definitely went in with no pre-conceived thoughts and came out very glad I selected the book. Can’t wait for the March 2023 release of the second book, it has definitely hooked my curiosity. Keep writing CJ Archer.” – CJTasha, B&N Reviewer


 Passion Without Purpose Is…: An A-Z Guide of Positive Affirmations to Ignite Your Passion With Purpose by Dr. Virnitia J. Dixon

Motivated by her lifelong purpose of helping people reach their potential, Dr. Virnitia J. Dixon, shares 26 impactful affirmations that are instrumental in her own life and in shifting the minds of her clients, helping them see their passions in a whole new light. This A-Z guide of powerful affirmations will help you feel motivated to activate your passion. You were created to bring about greatness in the world. Your unique gifts and hard-fought talents deserve to be set free.

What people are saying: “An excellent read filled with insight and ambitious motivation.” – Kkmasi, B&N Reviewer

The Secret Life Of Sunflowers: A gripping, inspiring novel based on the true story of Johanna Bonger, Vincent van Gogh’s sister-in-law by Marta Molnar, Dana Marton

When Emsley finds her grandmother’s diary, the pages are full of surprises. The first, is the diary isn’t her grandmother’s. It belongs to Johanna Bonger, Vincent van Gogh’s sister-in-law. Johanna inherited Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. They were all she had, and they weren’t worth anything. She was a 28 year old widow with a baby in the 1800s, without any means of supporting herself, living in Paris where she barely spoke the language. Yet she managed to introduce Vincent’s legacy to the world. The inspiration couldn’t come at a better time for Emsley. With her business failing, an unexpected love turning up in her life, and family secrets unraveling, can she find answers in the past?


What people are saying: “Loved this book! It delves into the stubborn, caring and dare I say, the early feminism of the sister-in-law, of Vincent Van Gogh. Who struggled with the terrible depression of her husband and brother in-law, the conditions of mental health care during those dark days.” – LedLD, B&N Reviewer

Emergency Contact by Lauren Layne, Anthony Ledonne

Katherine, an ambitious New York City attorney, is diagnosed with a concussion and must be monitored for forty-eight hours to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately, she forgot to update her emergency contact so the person they call is her ex-husband, Tom. Unable to be left alone, Katherine reluctantly agrees to travel to Chicago with him for the holidays. But thanks to a blizzard, what should have been a quick plane ride turns into an antagonistic overnight misadventure that stirs up old feelings even as Tom prepares to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

What people are saying: “I just adored this second chance at love story. The journey Tom and Katherine went on from New York City to Chicago was so fun. I laughed out loud throughout their trek.” – Sue G. tsmb02, B&N Reviewer



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