This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

These five favorite indie eBooks will give you all the thrills! Don’t miss these trending titles if you’re looking for great reads at great prices.

The Reincarnationist Papers D. Eric Maikranz

Evan Michaels struggles with being different. He has the complete memories of two other people who lived sequentially before him. He fights loneliness and believes he is unique until he meets Poppy. She’s like him, except that she is much older, remembering seven consecutive lives. But there is something else she must share with Evan—she is a member of the secretive Cognomina. They are, in effect, immortals—compiling experiences and skills over lifetimes into near superhuman abilities that they have used to drive history over centuries. Poppy invites Evan into the Cognomina, but he must face their tests before entering this mysterious society as their equal.


What People are Saying: A captivating debut that is soon to be adapted into a film. The mythology is detailed and the mystery compelling that will be sure to keep you turning pages.

Murder in the Marigolds by Dale Mayer

Being a suspect in the murder of her ex-lawyer is not the fun Doreen thought it would be. And, of course, she’s been ordered to stay away from the case. But, she can’t help being interested. So she enlists Mack’s brother, Nick—her new lawyer—to help. Mack’s first priority is to clear Doreen as a suspect. Except clearing her of suspicion isn’t the walk in the park that Mack would like it to be. Especially not when she insists on sticking her nose into his case, where it doesn’t belong. And just when Doreen is certain things can’t get any worse, answering her doorbell shows her that this nightmare has just started. Who just walked into her life? None other than her soon-to-be-ex-husband…


What People are Saying: “This ongoing tale continues to be delightful as we get to know each person even better. Great reading for bedtime or anytime at all.” – Maggs, B&N Reviewer

Tell No Lies by Tanya Anne Crosby

Augusta Aldridge believes in Ian Patterson’s innocence, even after he was arrested for killing two young women and mutilating their corpses. Because she was with him the night one of the crimes occurred, hidden in the shadows beneath a beachside pier, locked in a wild, unthinking embrace with the man whose dangerous fascination may have fatally lured the other victims. Now that another body has been found, the police suspect a copycat killer, but Augusta is sure they have the wrong man behind bars. She’s going to risk her reputation, and her life, to prove it.


What People are Saying: An atmospheric southern gothic that weaves a riveting yarn of mystery. Pick up the whole trilogy!

Frightfully Fortune by Jana DeLeon

It’s time for the annual Halloween festival in Sinful, and Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie can’t wait to suit up and enjoy the food and activities! But when a dead man gallops through the park on a black stallion and slides to a decapitated stop right in front of Swamp Team 3, they know another festival is about to be turned on its head…so to speak. Gil Forrest’s body was supposed to be tucked away in a funeral home, no one could explain how it ended up on a horse in the middle of the festival. Everything about the set-up is strange and there seems more to the Headless Horseman ride than just a tasteless prank.

What People are Saying: “This book is so absolutely hilarious! It is so much fun catching up with this group of friends. They have you laughing right from the start… The whole cast of characters are well developed and lovable. It is too bad that Sinful is a fictional place because I would love to visit there.” – ksdane, B&N Reviewer


Red Hail by Jamie Killen

Professor Colin Ayres has spent years researching the strange story of Galina, Arizona, a sleepy border town ripped apart by violence and paranoia after the outbreak of a mysterious illness in 1960. When his partner, Alonzo, starts exhibiting strange symptoms, Colin is shocked to realize they are the same as those that emerged in Galina decades ago. As Alonzo’s condition worsens, Colin scrambles to piece together what really happened during that terrible summer in the past. When others start to develop the same eerie symptoms, Colin must confront the possibility that someone—or something—is driving the plague.


What People are Saying: “That feeling of real answers seemed just around the corner and the frustration of not knowing had me turning page after page… Definitely a hidden science fiction gem!” – DiiFL, B&N Reviewer



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