This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

Smile and read all weekend with this week’s five favorite indie eBooks! These bestselling authors are topping the charts with epic reads you won’t want to miss.

Forever Protected by Kathleen Brooks

Parker Davies, former rodeo star turned U.S. Marshal, wants something he can’t have—Tilly Bradford. Instead, he throws himself into the work of the task force assigned with taking down the person responsible for financing the criminal underworld. Tilly Bradford isn’t like the rest of her family. She doesn’t care about money or glamour. She cares about show jumping and investing in small businesses. But then Parker arrives back in her life along with handcuffs, bullets, and criminals looking to take her out. Now it wasn’t just Tilly’s heart, but her life in Parker’s hands. The question was: what would he do with it, and would she even be alive to find out?


What People are Saying: “Kathleen Brooks does it again! Parker & Tilly’s story is full of laughs, excitement , love, and family. Lots of hints of stories to come if you pay attention.” – Rosanne Crump, B&N Reviewer

Swamp Spirits by Jana DeLeon

Fortune is thrilled when Ben Harrison, her former CIA partner, and his fiancée, Cassidy, decide to leave DC for the Louisiana bayous. There’s only one problem—the house Ben and Cassidy move into has a reputation. It’s haunted. Fortune doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when Cassidy starts seeing a woman in white inside her house and can’t determine how she’s entering or exiting, Fortune knows she’s got to figure out what’s going on before things get worse. As Swamp Team 3 takes on the “spirited” case, they dive into a decades-old mystery of love, money, voodoo curses, and a missing woman. But can they get answers before Ben and Cassidy give up the ghost and go back to DC?

What People are Saying: You can’t help but love the setting, characters, and hijinks in this quirky series. You’ll laugh out loud from the edge of your seat wondering where the story will go next.


Daughter of the Drowned Empire by Frankie Diane Mallis 

Mage Lady Lyriana Batavia is third in line to the Seat of Power in Bamaria. Bamaria falls under the rule of the Lumerian Empire, survivors of a celestial war whose island sank in the Drowning. Now all Lumerians submit to the Emperor and his strict laws about magic. When Lyr must participate in the ceremony that reveals her power, she uncovers something that means banishment from the Empire. To survive exile, she has seven months to train as a warrior and pass the Emperor’s brutal test of strength—all without magic. But surviving the training, and saving her sisters may mean sacrificing her own heart.

What People are Saying: “Absolutely loved this book, full of mystery, intrigue, strong character finding her own strength against all the doubts around her, rising to the challenge! Ten out of ten would absolutely recommend can’t wait for the next book to hit the shelves!” – Lexy723, B&N Reviewer


The Neighborhood by Matthew Betley 

For most of the citizens of Hidden Refuge, it’s an ordinary Friday night in an ordinary American town. But when men claiming to be police officers show up in the middle of the night, ordering them to evacuate for their own safety, it’s only the beginning of a long, dark night that will prove to be anything but ordinary. Because Hidden Refuge contains another secret—Zack Chambers. And while Zack dearly hoped that he’d never again need to use the deadly skills he’d acquired in his former life, when push comes to shove, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself and his neighbors. Even if it means taking on a small army of trained killers with only his wits and a ragtag group of allies.

What People are Saying: Propulsive, brilliantly plotted, and packed with Matthew Betley’s trademark blend of gritty realism and edge-of-your-seat action, The Neighborhood is a can’t-miss thriller.

Steel Wolf by Eve Langlais

This divorcee has always loved collecting random stuff, so owning a junkyard is a dream come true—until the robbery. My unlikely rescuer? An old motorcycle. With my steel wolf between my thighs, I’m taking back the night. And taking my revenge on the scum who robbed and beat me. Unfortunately, my antics draw the attention of the detective currently investigating a string of murders. Turns out, there’s more to the killings than meets the eye. Apparently, it isn’t just cars that sometimes come to life. Impossible as it seems, my ride appears to have bloodthirsty tendencies. But is it evil or trying to right a wrong? I’d better figure it out—and soon—or I might be its next victim.

What People are Saying: This latest from Eve Langlais is a dark and sultry thrill ride.


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