Mother’s Day POD Collection


If there’s one thing we all know for sure, it’s that moms everywhere deserve more love and attention. Even though we won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day until May, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to make your “mother’s day” with this list of Indie Print on Demand titles!


Remember, PODs will take at least two business days to print before shipping, with hardcovers taking longer to print than paperbacks. Order early to ensure your mom gets her gift on time!


Make Yourself A #1 Priority: Self Care Workbook

by Semone Ugbomah

For the mom who needs to put herself first, ‘Make Yourself A #1 Priority’ is more than a book; it is a transformative journey to self-discovery and self-care. This workbook provides practical tools, including self-care checklists, SMART goals, and gratitude exercises, to help moms prioritize their own well-being. It’s a gentle reminder that self-love and self-compassion are essential, empowering moms to reclaim their time and energy without guilt. With its empowering exercises and reflective prompts, this workbook guides moms on a path to living their best lives and becoming the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

Don’t worry, your mom will still find time to worry about you, she’ll just make sure to take care of herself first!

Murder by Association: Moon’s Landing Two-Hour Cozy Mysteries Book #1

by Shelley Weiss

Is it just me, or do moms love mysteries? This series by Shelley Weiss is perfect for the mom that wants to get a little cozy with a novella that she can knock out in a couple of hours! In Murder by Association, Birdie, a struggling photographer finds herself in a topsy-turvy situation. She is summoned back to the coastal town of Moon’s Landing following the tragic demise of her cherished aunt—a demise attributed to a peacock!
Upon inheriting her aunt’s beloved dog, Butterscotch, Birdie becomes entangled in the secretive dealings of the Home Owners Association. Little does she realize that the H.O.A. goes beyond mere lawn maintenance and fee management… Your mom’s going to love this one!

Heart to Table Recipe Journal (Keepsake Edition): Blank Journal to Write in Your Own Recipes

by Cape Turnaround Planners

Not every mom likes to cook, but the ones that do will definitely have recipes to pass down. This beautiful hardcover recipe journal is just the place to do it! The Heart to Table Recipe Journal offers a convenient and organized space to record family recipes. From cherished classics passed down through generations to new creations discovered along the way, every dish finds a place within these pages. Spend some time with your mom to jot down cooking techniques, ingredient substitutions, and don’t forget the memories that really add all the flavor to our lives!

It’s not just a cookbook—it’s a treasured keepsake that celebrates your mother and your family.

The Magnolia Inn: A Sweet, Small Town Story

by Anne-Marie Meyer

There’s just something about this sweet, small town story that just screams “GET THIS FOR MOM!”. Maggie, recently divorced and unemployed, makes a bold business proposition to her estranged mother: sell the family inn for funds. Surprisingly, her mother agrees, leading Maggie to Rhode Island to pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, lifelong resident Clementine and her brother Archer are intrigued by Maggie’s arrival. As they uncover a family photo in the attic, Maggie forms a bond with her grandmother’s memory, sparking the revival of the Red Stilettos Book Club. What begins as a desperate move becomes a powerful sisterhood for the women of Magnolia.

The Magnolia Inn is all about friendship and love and a great women’s fiction title for any mom.

Notebook . The Love between a Mother and a Daughter is forever: Dot Grid Notebook for Mothers

by Wildcat Publishing

There’s never enough time in the day, especially for moms. Not only do they have to take care of themselves, but they take care of us too. Jobs, food, hobbies, socializing, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. Cue in this dot grid journal that was quite literally made to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Finally, your mom will have a wide open space to jot down to-do lists, sketch out plans, and capture precious memories. The best part about a dot grid journal, is that there are no limitations.

You can even take some time to sit down with your mom and help her plan how to use the notebook – we have a feeling that will put a smile on her face!




Make Your Own Personal POD!

Bonus time! All these gifts are great for mom, but maybe you want something more personalized. Luckily, at B&N Press, you can make your own personal Print on Demand title that will only be available to you. You can create a gorgeous hardcover or a practical paperback, glossy pages or matte, even choose between black and white or premium color. Go scavenge for family photos, quotes, and your mom’s favorite recipes to make a gift that is perfectly tailored to your perfect mother. Take a look at our post from last year to learn how! Read More.


Every mom is different, but hopefully you found the perfect gift for yours here. If not, you can always take a look at our larger selection of B&N Press Print Books here. Have a wonderful mother’s day, we know your mother will!

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