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Print on Demand? More like, PRIDE on Demand!! This year we’ve collected 10 extraordinary print titles that highlight LGBTQIA+ characters. These books by Indie authors are perfect to paint your bookshelf with PRIDE.


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*Not all titles are suitable for readers of all ages.


Don’t You Dare by CE Ricci

Keene and Aspen’s world turns upside down with a simple dare, sparking an emotional journey from friends to lovers. Their unexpected attraction forces them to confront their deepest fears and desires. This new adult romance captivates with witty banter and intense chemistry, exploring the complexities of evolving relationships. Readers praise its rich character development and authentic portrayal of self-discovery and bi-curious exploration. The novel keeps you hooked until the very end, making it a standout in contemporary LGBT+ literature.

What people are saying: “This book is AMAZING and so beautifully written. I was so excited to get home from work every night to keep reading. Took so much self control to put it down. I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. Love love love.” – Rhynopharm B&N Reviewer

 The Senator’s Wife by Jen Lyon

A senator’s wife maneuvers through political intrigue and personal dilemmas in this riveting mix of thriller and romance. Balancing public duty with private passion, she faces her desires and fears amidst a web of tension. Lyon captures the clash between personal and political lives, showcasing the challenges and sacrifices involved. With well-developed characters and a plot full of twists, the romance adds a tender layer to the suspense. This captivating read offers both excitement and emotional depth, appealing to fans of political dramas and romance.

What people are saying: “Wow! Hats off to Jen Lyon for her remarkable debut, an engrossing first novel. I was captivated by the nuanced characters and unique storyline from the very beginning, and longing for more by the end.” – Luna L, B&N Reviewer

 Prince and Assassin by Tavia Lark

A prince and an assassin forge an unlikely alliance in a world teeming with magic, intrigue, and romance. Navigating dangers together, they must overcome distrust and unite against common foes – and discover unexpected tenderness along the way. Lark’s detailed world-building and complex characters breathe life into this tale of loyalty, love, and sacrifice. The evolving relationship adds depth, transforming it from a simple tale of heroism to a story celebrated for its engaging plot and emotional resonance, where love emerges in the most unexpected places.

What people are saying: “Everything about this book just fit into place for me, the world building, the characters, the writing style. It all just came together to create this gem.” – Astra, Reviewer

 Fluids: An Extreme Horror Novel by May Leitz

Reader Discretion Advised. Two women plunge into obsession in this psychedelic horror story, navigating the darkest aspects of love and identity. Their collision leads to a destructive relationship, questioning the boundaries of sanity. Leitz’s narrative, filled with dark and tense atmospheres, immerses readers in a haunting experience. As a musician and horror personality, Leitz blends eerie settings with deep emotional undertones, evoking both fear and empathy. The stream-of-consciousness style amplifies the chilling impact, making it a must-read for fans of challenging and thought-provoking horror.
What people are saying: “Probably the worst, grossest thing I’ve ever read. Incredible, I loved it.” – Celena Gwin, Reviewer

 A Dance Towards Forever: A Sapphic Romance by Alyson Root

This sapphic romance follows two women who overcome societal obstacles to find love and solace in each other. Their journey is marked by tender moments, emotional challenges, and the joy of genuine connection. Root’s vivid character portrayals and authentic depiction of romance are deeply moving. The narrative captures the nuances of their relationship, from the initial spark to the profound emotional bond that forms. Celebrating love in all its forms, this heartfelt story offers a touching and inspiring narrative that resonates with readers.

What people are saying: “This book was such a surprise. New authors usually take a few books to get settled, but this book was brilliant all the way through.” – Rowan, Reviewer

 Reflector by C.X. Myers

This sci-fi mystery takes you on a journey through reflections and deceptions with a protagonist who must confront their understanding of self and existence. Secrets begin to unravel, and the characters find themselves navigating a thrilling world where nothing is as it seems. Myers masterfully blends science fiction and mystery, crafting an inventive plot with compelling characters that keep readers engaged. The protagonist’s quest, both physical and psychological, explores profound questions about reality. Praised for its thought-provoking themes, this unique and immersive story will leave a lasting impact.

What people are saying: “The author uses some subtle and thoughtful worldbuilding to guide you into this deeper story, and each step is done so masterfully.” – Pentwarrior, B&N Reviewer

 Who Are We Fooling? by Wendi B. Dennison

David Vernon’s life is spiraling out of control. College was a bust, dating feels like a chore, and he can’t seem to settle down. Devoting time to workouts and covering his body in tattoos, David struggles with the aftermath of a broken home. When his sister Amy reaches her breaking point with their abusive father, David returns to the small town he fled. Determined to rescue her, he meets Andrew Braiden, a soft-spoken artist facing his own struggles. Through an act of kindness, their worlds collide, setting both on a journey of self-discovery and unexpected love. This contemporary romance offers a poignant exploration of personal growth and the healing power of connection.

What people are saying: “I bought this book and let me tell you, I am SO GLAD that I gave this little book that could a chance. It was truly beautiful, touching, real and heartwarming.” – J&R1990, B&N Reviewer

 Monsters in the Closet by Brian Pelletier

Exploring fear and identity, this psychological horror delves into the darkest corners of the human mind. Characters face their deepest fears and internal monsters, creating a chilling atmosphere. Pelletier masterfully blends horror with psychological suspense, capturing the tension and dread throughout the story. The suspenseful plot and intricate characters add depth, examining the nature of fear and identity. This thought-provoking and haunting read lingers long after the final page, distinguishing it from typical horror stories.

What people are saying: “No one is two-dimensional, and I found myself “changing alliances” with the characters throughout the book. It’s an easy read, too.” – bstndance, B&N Reviewer

 Pledge by Eleanor Rose, August St. Clare, Chase St. Clare

Gabe Hoffstet, a trust-fund kid lost in late-night parties, encounters an immortal demon prince who seeks him as his eternal soulmate. The characters deal with the challenges of finding their place in the world, capturing authentic struggles and triumphs. Celebrated for its realistic and relatable characters, the narrative explores identity and acceptance deeply. Gabe’s journey includes being transported to a magical realm, facing assassination attempts, and preparing for a binding Consummation ceremony. It offers a compelling and inspiring read, celebrating the courage and resilience of young people. This story is perfect for those interested in tales of self-discovery, fantasy, and the journey toward understanding oneself.

What people are saying: “I love a good romance, either fantasy or paranormal, and Pledge managed to hit all the feels for both of those. ” – Anonymous B&N Reviewer

 Echolocation And Other Stories by Sarah Cimarusti

This collection of short stories offers diverse perspectives on LGBT+ experiences, exploring identity, love, and the human condition. Each narrative celebrates diversity and relationship complexities through emotionally resonant storytelling. Cimarusti’s writing shines with emotional variety, making each story compelling. Bringing characters and situations to vivid life, the collection provides insight and empathy. It’s a rich and engaging read, perfect for anyone interested in powerful and diverse storytelling.

What people are saying: “This was a great collection of short stories that tied together to make a compelling story, I laughed and cried and connected with the character. I relieved some of my own childhood memories and traumas while reading this.” – Arthur Avalos, B&N Reviewer


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Happy Pride!!!

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