10 Favorite Indie eBooks of 2023!

As we look back on this year, we’re thrilled to share our 10 favorite indie eBooks of 2023! This collection showcases the incredible talent and breadth of indie authors. Spanning genres from literary fiction and mystery to young adult adventures and beyond, each story is a unique gem.

Join us in discovering captivating tales woven by these talented writers. We know you’re sure to find your next favorite indie eBook read among these pages.


The Keeper of Stories by Sally Page

Everyone has a story to tell. As a professional cleaner, Janice hears stories from all throughout her community. From the recently widowed Fiona and her son to the opera-singing Geordie, the quiet bus driver Euan, and even the pretentious Mrs. “YeahYeahYeah” along with her fox terrier. These stories from her community reach out to her, and she collects them. When she starts cleaning for Mrs. B, the prickly, ninety-year-old woman decides that it is Janice’s story she wants to hear. Everyone has a story to tell, after all. Janice, however, does not… At least, not one that she can share.


What people are saying: “A treasure of a book. Beautiful, emotional, and heartfelt with a cornucopia of character you’ll love spending time with.” – Phaedra Patrick, author of The Library of Lost and Found


The Secrets of Constellations by S. H. Clark

Sixteen years ago, someone adopted Norae Whelan, and now she’s looking ahead to culinary school. That is, until a unique stranger offers an opportunity to learn the truth of her birth. She finds herself in her mother’s hometown, in an inherited house where memories lie scattered beneath the floorboards. What’s more, is Orion Reise, a boy who sparks an instant attraction. He is blind, and the reason for it lurks through the downtown streets, dying to take him away. Summer’s end is fast approaching, and Norae must make some big decisions. Is falling in love with Orion worth the price of letting go of her past and embracing a potentially disastrous future?

What people are saying: “… a very compelling and moving coming of age story. You find yourself invested in the characters right away, as each has their own fully developed and realized backstory that you want to get to know more.” – Maria from CT, B&N Reviewer


Beach View Lane by Jan Moran

April Raines is facing the end of her long-term marriage after her husband begins another family. She returns home with her grown daughters to Crown Island, where she becomes head of the new Crown Island Historical Society. Ryan Kingston, determined to bring the vintage Victorian beach resort back to life, has acquired the historic Majestic Hotel. It could come at a steep cost to him and his carefully guarded privacy – especially when April Raines captures his attention. Will they both get a second chance at life? If you love clean romance and women’s fiction with fun characters you’ll want as friends, this series is for you.

What people are saying: “A novel that gives fans of romantic sagas a compelling voice to follow.” – Booklist


The Other Empress by Amanda Roberts

Zhenxiu was trained from a young age to become the wife of a very powerful man. Soon, teenage Zhenxiu is thrust into the bed of the cruel Prince Yizhu and the center of the Qing Court, a court still reeling from the Opium War. Zhenxiu finds solace in the friendship of Lanhua, and she does her best to help her friend rise in the emperor’s estimation. When the emperor dies and leaves only Lanhua’s young son as his heir, Zhenxiu finds herself as the de facto ruler of China, a position she was never trained to occupy. As she leans more and more on Lanhua for help, she slowly comes to realize that Lanhua’s ambition has no bounds. An ambition that could get them both killed.

What people are saying: “Wow! What a read. I was totally immersed in this historical book on Royal China and the fall of the Qing Dynasty. Riveting, captivating – this not a book to be missed.” – Vievie2, B&N Reviewer


The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully by Morrie Schwartz

Morrie Schwartz, from the classic “Tuesdays with Morrie,” delves into profound questions about life, purpose, and humanity. Drawing on his experiences as a social psychologist, teacher, and sage, Morrie provides a roadmap for joyful and creative aging. This poignant masterpiece offers empathic insights, stories, and advice in Morrie’s timeless voice, making it a perfect companion to his earlier work or an introduction to his thoughtful philosophies. Let Morrie be your guide as you explore the deep questions of how to live and love in the later stages of life.



What people are saying: “Finally– a book that celebrates aging as a gift, encourages readers to feel empowered by their age, not ashamed by it!” – Jeannie Marie, B&N Reviewer


Exile by A. J. Calvin

Andrew, the eldest son of the queen and a renowned soldier commanding the king’s army, harbors a forbidden secret—he is not the king’s legitimate heir but a skin-changer, a creature prohibited by Novania’s laws. The revelation of Andrew’s true nature would lead to his execution, as the laws are equally hostile to those with the Mark of the Magi. Faced with the unexpected ascent of Colin to the throne after the king’s death, Andrew must decide whether to reveal his forbidden identity to save his brother from a perilous fate.


What people are saying: “Oh, I am in love with this universe and I want more so badly. I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here.” – Cat Bowser, B&N Reviewer


Drinks and Sinkholes: A Cozy Fantasy Novel by S. Usher Evans

Bev, the inn’s proprietor, finds her peaceful life disrupted by mysterious earthquakes and sinkholes. With a talent for baking the best rosemary bread and a penchant for sleuthing, Bev sets out to uncover the source of these disturbances before her quaint village of Pigsend faces a perilous fate. In this cozy fantasy series opener by two-time award-winning author S. Usher Evans invites readers to savor the warmth of the inn, the charm of quaint mysteries, and the allure of a world where the mundane meets magic.



What people are saying: “This was such a nostalgic read for me. I devoured Nancy Drew as a kid, and this feels just like reading that – but add in some cozy fantasy vibes.” – Klebehunt, B&N Reviewer


Death No Stranger by Regan Barry

In his own home on the tranquil streets of Cambridge, a family solicitor faces brutal murder, sending shockwaves through the community. DI Shauna Holt, a seasoned and weary detective newly transferred from London, takes charge of the investigation. Teamed up with a confident young detective sergeant, Shauna delves into the victim’s missing spouse, uncovering a complex web involving a middle-aged psychiatrist and her troubled daughter. As the mystery deepens, Shauna’s own haunting past resurfaces, turning the case into a personal battle for survival. Tensions rise, and the stakes escalate in this gripping thriller where the lines between investigator and prey blur.

What people are saying: “On par with high-profile mystery writers (like Anthony Horowitz or Richard Osman), the prose here is clear, engaging, and highly readable, and the dialogue between characters is especially strong.” – The BookLife Prize


Face-Off: Shadows Landing: The Townsends by Kathleen Brooks

In the world of pro-hockey, Stone Townsend, the center for the Charleston team, has his priorities set on reuniting his family, leading his team to victory, and scoring both on and off the ice. However, an untimely injury under new team management and coaching complicates matters. Enter Natalie Novak, owner of a sports academy and a former prima ballerina with a hidden past in the spy world. As Stone focuses on recovering for the championship, he discovers there’s more to Natalie than meets the eye, including a dangerous threat. With his heart and career on the line, Stone commits to protecting Natalie at all costs in this thrilling tale of love, secrets, and danger.

What people are saying: “I have all of Kathleen’s books and like many of her fans eagerly await each new release. Romance, drama and comedy all in one place. I love seeing my favorite characters from previous stories appear in her series.” – Christine H, B&N Reviewer


Wrong Places: An Older Brother’s Best Friend Small Town Romance by Teralyn Mitchell

Xavier, Maggie’s first love, has a history of running when things get tough, leading her to marry someone else. Now, as a divorced single mom returning to her hometown, romance is the last thing on Maggie’s mind. But when Xavier reappears, seeking redemption and a second chance, their paths collide once again. Xavier, facing his commitment issues, is determined to make amends and win Maggie back. However, Maggie is wary, holding onto pains from the past. As they navigate forced proximity and confront their complicated history, Xavier is determined to prove he’s changed and deserves a place in Maggie’s heart. Will they find their way to happily ever after in this tale of love, forgiveness, and redemption?

What people are saying: “What a really good story. It was sweet, romantic, and just had the good feels about it while reading it. Maggie and Xavier were such a great couple together. And, having the family interactions just made the story that much better. This was a definite page-turner, and will be a re-read in my books!” Amanda J, B&N Reviewer


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