Need a Post? We’ve got you covered.

nookfaceWith the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 Nook® 7″ Tablet, NOOK offered readers a chance to show their #NOOKfaces.

What’s a NOOK face, you ask? It’s the look you get when reading something really engrossing…like your NOOK Press books.

We hear it often: one of the challenges of social media book marketing is keeping all those blog posts, Facebook updates and Tweets lively. So here’s an easy win: let your fans know about the #NOOKfaces contest. Remind them that  posting their #NOOKFaces image enters them for the chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 Nook® 7″ Tablet — all the better to read your books. And since they enjoy your books so much, why not take a moment to give you/your books a shout out in the captions section for their entry — for all the other NOOK Book readers to see, too.

Double the fun? We think so. And please post in the comments if you decide to make this promotion your own.

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