4 Steps to Writing Your Non-Fiction Description

shutterstock_143178355If you’ve written a non-fiction book, you probably have a lot to say about your chosen topic. But how much detail should you include in describing your book to potential readers? To get started writing your book’s description, try these 4 easy steps for non-fiction book descriptions.

1. Pitch it
If you had 30 seconds to explain to readers why they would enjoy your NOOK Book, what would you say? Translate this 30-second pitch to 150-200 words or copy–that’s your description.

2. Add a headline
Then write a shorter, grabbier 20 – 40 word headline that draws in readers and quickly lets them know what your NOOK Book is about. For a nonfiction work you’ll want to explain the benefit of buying the NOOK Book. Your 30-second pitch can help you identify what your NOOK Book promises readers.

3. Tout your expertise
Include why you wrote your NOOK Book and be sure to include why the reader should trust your information and experience with your topic.

4. Include examples
Make the case for why the reader needs the NOOK Book by including sample information, key chapter titles, facts or statistics.

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