Steamy Valentine’s Day Reads

Add some extra romance to your Valentine’s Day by checking out these six steamy reads.

Now and ForeverNow and Forever by Logan Belle

Claire longed for romance, and it came when she least expected it in the form of a handsome stranger who helped her fulfill a bucket list of sexual fantasies. But Justin made it clear that their night of passion was a one-time thing, and Claire accepted it. Of course something that hot was too good to last! When Justin comes back for more, it’s Claire’s turn to say no. Opening herself up to sex was one thing. But love? That’s a chance she’s not willing to take. When Justin won’t take no for an answer, she wonders if there is any such thing as happily ever after. And what will it cost her to find out?

Dark SpiritDark Spirit by Kate Douglas

Kate Douglas captivated the world of erotic romance with her groundbreaking Wolf Tales series, and she continues to push boundaries in her new Spirit Wild series. Dark Spirit is the second book in the series, following Dark Wolf.



Duke'sThe Duke’s Deceit by Sherrill Bodine

Mary Masterton is a desperate woman. Facing the advances of loathsome suitor she can’t imagine marrying, she is short on choices. She convinces a handsome stranger, the victim of a head injury, that they are engaged. Left with no memory of his previous life, the man has no reason to doubt her. The man’s signet ring is the only clue to his true identity as the Duke of Avalon. Determined to reclaim his past, he begs Mary to accompany him on a journey to track down the meaning of the ring. Once more Mary finds herself in a hopeless situation: help the man she has come to love and risk losing him forever, or keep him in the dark and live a blissful lie…


bloodBlood and Sable by Carol Kane

Princess Anya, born to the nobility, is attacked on her uncle’s estate, a crime that sets in motion whispered rumors that she has been made unmarriable. Refusing to be intimidated by slander, she plots a brilliant counterattack. Confounding society, Anya marries an American diplomat, bringing new blood into the Sviridov family. She stuns the gossips and begins her ascendancy as the Sviridov princess who will protect her family against their nemesis, the revolutionary Oleg Ivanov, who once nearly killed her, and will act out his obsession until one or the other is dead. Against the backdrop of growing unrest in Moscow and St. Petersburg, World War One, and the Revolution, Anya must either prevail or perish. When Oleg kidnaps her son, the die is cast for the end game.

thirdThe Third Kiss by Heather Killough-Walden

In the steamy aftermath of a Baton Rouge day, in the depths of a king’s luxurious mansion, a man with blue eyes dreams of a woman… Emma is a girl with a painful past who relies on the love of her last living relative, her brother, and the joy of her work as a photographer to get her from day to day. But her memories have scarred her deeper than she admits, and her past is more dangerous than she knows. As she travels to the mist-filled streets of New Orleans for the opening of her first gallery showing, she is unaware that she has been ear marked for something greater – and more terrifying – than most people could have imagined.


earlThe Earl Who Played With Fire by Sara Ramsey

No one would suspect prim, proper Prudence Etchingham of lusting after her best friend’s brother. Nor would anyone guess that she’s responsible for dozens of the best forgeries in London’s antiquities markets. But if her love for Alex is doomed to fail, she must raise enough money to escape the marriage mart. She just needs one last, daring forgery to set herself up for life… Alex Staunton, the rich Earl of Salford, lives a charmed existence. No one knows that he’s dangerously attracted to his sister’s best friend. Nor has he revealed that he suffers from an ancient curse — one that has given him everything, but prevents him from marrying the woman of his dreams. But when an enemy from his past takes an unseemly interest in Prudence’s future, Alex must find a way to break the curse…or risk losing her forever.

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