Calling all Self-Published Authors: Publish Your Book in Print with NOOK Press


Any author who has self-published a book understands both the difficulty and the allure of getting your book off of a device and into readers’ hands. Printing books on your own is expensive and offers logistical challenges, and distributing those books can be even more difficult. For years there have been a very limited number of options for getting “print on demand” (POD) book sales set up, and the options that do exist often lock authors into one sales platform.

No more. Barnes & Noble is excited to announce the launch of our new NOOK Press print platform. It allows all NOOK Press authors to offer their books in print as well as digital formats through the nation’s largest book retailer—Barnes & Noble! Not only will indie authors be able to sell their books in print on, but they’ll benefit from the promotional muscle of B&N and its retail stores—all while earning competitive royalty rates.

Author First
We firmly believes authors should profit from their creativity, which is why we’ll be offering some of the highest royalties on print books sold through B&N channels. The new print program will be seamless and intuitive for authors taking the first-time plunge into print, because B&N wants authors spending more time writing new books and less time dealing with the technical side of sharing their books with the world.

Not only does this represent an excellent alternative for indie writers seeking print book distribution, it will also come with opportunities for authors to promote their books. With in-store opportunities including showrooming in B&N stores, indie authors finally have a way of cutting through the noise and reaching across the divide into physical stores. Combined with our high royalty rate, the new NOOK Press print program is designed to become the default choice for self-published authors seeking to kick off or expand their print sales.

Hardcovers at Last
Unlike other print platforms, NOOK Press will offer you and your readers the opportunity to order your books in hardcover, complete with dust jacket. Now readers will be able to experience your book in any format they prefer—onscreen, in paperback, or in hardcover.

A Partnership
One of the huge (huge!) advantages of this new program is the partnership with B&N retail stores. Barnes & Noble is in the business of bookselling, and we want qualifying authors to take full advantage of our immense resources—including our more than 600 brick-and-mortar stores nationwide.

The Bonus Situation
We’re kicking this off with a gift to our authors: we’re giving a $25 gift card to every author who signs up with the new print platform and publishes a book to within the first month. While selling your print books through B&N means access to the sales platform of the largest bookseller in the country, an additional sales channel for your books, and an easy system for publishing both eBooks and print books, we’d still like to say “welcome!” to our newly minted authors in print.

As any DIY author knows, you can never have too many opportunities to get your books in front of potential readers, and you can never have too many revenue streams. B&N intends for its print platform to be the gold standard in the industry, offering peerless support and assistance, great royalties, and high-quality print books that will stand the test of time. This is pretty exciting stuff—so sign up, publish your first print book with us, and claim your gift card!

Learn more about our new NOOK Press Print platform!


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