The Ultimate Gift for Bookish Grads (Spoiler it’s a NOOK!)

What to get the bookish grads in your life? Graduation is the end of one chapter and the beginning of what can feel like a brand new book. So, what type of gift is there to help a recent grad as they turn the page?

How about something that combines practicality, versatility, and endless inspiration! Yes, we are talking about our NOOK devices 😉

As graduates embark on their next adventure – be it college, career, or world exploration – NOOK can be their trusted companion, opening the doors to a world of literature and beyond.

So, have you met our NOOK eReaders, tablets and apps?


The NOOK GlowLight (4, 4e, and Plus)

Our NOOK eReaders are engineered with the modern reader in mind. With sleek designs and advanced features, these devices redefine the reading experience. Gone are the days of carrying heavy textbooks or novels; with the NOOK, grads can hold an entire library in the palm of their hand!

But which eReader is right for your bookish grad? The NOOK GlowLight 4e and 4 are both lightweight at six inches in size, which is perfect for slipping into your backpack, bag, or purse. While the 4e doesn’t have night mode it does have our signature GlowLight illumination, and both the 4e and 4 read like paper.

the three NOOK GlowLight devices lined up: the 4e, 4, and Plus

For an upgraded reading – and listening! – experience, we have our GlowLight 4 Plus. Almost eight inches in size, this device is water resistant and includes audiobook integration. Enjoy listening to a new memoir or mystery, or dive into the latest fantastical world in crisper text with enhanced contrast.


The NOOK Lenovo 9” Lenovo

With the NOOK Lenovo tablet, bookish grads have an even broader array of options. The NOOK Lenovo tablet offers a larger screen and additional functionality, perfect for those who crave a more immersive reading experience. From manga & magazines to textbooks and cookbooks, the NOOK Lenovo tablet makes reading vibrant with crystal-clear text and vivid images. Browse 4.5+ million eBooks with more than 2M free or under $4.99. With great books at a great price, plus audio and plenty more – your bookish grad will have access to endless entertainment.



Hand holding an iPhone showing the home screen for the B&N NOOK app with a journal on a table and airpod headphones and flowers.For the perpetual movers and shakers, the B&N NOOK app is a game-changer. Available on iOS and Android devices, the B&N NOOK app grants access to the digital library anytime, anywhere. Whether commuting, waiting in line, or embarking on a road trip, bookish grads can dive into their favorite reads with a few quick taps. Plus, the app’s seamless syncing ensures a smooth transition between devices, keeping grads connected to their literary world no matter where life takes them.


Self-Publish with B&N Press

But the NOOK doesn’t stop at reading – it’s also a gateway to publishing dreams. With Barnes & Noble Press, the B&N self-publishing platform, grads can transform their writing aspirations into reality and become published authors. Imagine seeing their name on the digital shelves of the NOOK bookstore, sharing their stories with readers around the globe. From poetry collections to novels to academic research, the possibilities are endless with B&N Press.



This graduation season, give the gift of inspiration, imagination, and exploration with NOOK. Whether flipping through pages or penning their own masterpiece, grads will discover that the greatest adventures begin with a single page turn!

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