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May 2023

Publisher’s Weekly, “Daunt will discuss how the company’s initiatives and plans for the future will impact the publishing industry during a midday address on Tuesday, May 23.”

Daunt will discuss how the company’s initiatives and plans for the future will impact the publishing industry during a midday address on Tuesday, May 23. Read More


April 2023

This Is Money, “Waterstones chief James Daunt: Covid was brilliant for us – it made people pick up books again”

… Had Barnes & Noble made any of the same mistakes he found at Waterstones eight years earlier? Read More


The Guardian, “Amazon doesn’t care about books’: how Barnes & Noble bounced back”

Walking into the big Barnes & Noble store in New York’s Union Square a few years ago, a book lover might have been surprised by what they found: an absence of books. Read More


Publishers Weekly,Barnes & Noble Revamps Loyalty Program with Premium Membership”

….“The addition of a free loyalty program has been enthusiastically received in the trial phase of its launch,” said Shannon DeVito, senior director of Books for B&N…” Read More


Good E-Reader, Barnes and Noble will release a Nook Glowlight Plus 2023 model soon”

Barnes and Noble are gearing up to launch a new version of their premium e-reader, the Nook Glowlight Plus 2023 edition. Read More


March 2023

Axios, “How Barnes & Noble CEO rescued the bookstore chain”

The trick to being a big-box bookseller is to not be a big-box bookseller. So says Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt, who’s been credited with engineering a turnaround for the bookstore chain, in an interview with Axios. Read More


NPR, “How Barnes & Noble turned a page, expanding for the first time in years”

The ghost of Barnes & Noble past meets the spirit of Barnes & Noble future in a single shopping center in a suburb of Baltimore. Radio Clip – Shannon DeVito, Janine Flanigan. Read More


Business Insider, “Independent bookstores once considered Barnes & Noble the enemy, but its CEO loves small bookstores so much, he owns 9 of his own” 

In the 1998 film “You’ve Got Mail,” independent bookstore owner Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan, describes Fox Books, a clear stand-in for Barnes & Noble, as “theme-park, multi-level, homogenize-the-world Mochaccinoland.” Read More


NRF, “Barnes & Noble’s CEO is a book lover’s bookseller”

A funny thing happened on the way to Barnes & Noble’s long-predicted disappearance from the retail scene. It never happened. Read More


The Hustle, “Books are burning — in the good way”

Throughout the 2010s, most stories about the chain included the word “embattled” as Amazon picked off business. Now, B&N expects to open ~30 new stores this year.. Read More


February 2023

Los Angeles Times, “Barnes & Noble saved itself by putting books first. Imagine that”

It wasn’t long ago that Barnes & Noble seemed to be on the glide path to extinction. Read More


Lit Hub, “BookTok is Good, Actually: On the Undersung Joys of a Vast and Multifarious Platform” 

…We’re on the fourth floor of the Union Square Barnes & Noble in Manhattan for their first-ever BookTok Festival. Tickets to the event sold out in two days. Read More


Self-Publishing Advice, “Self-publishing News: Wider Library Distribution From Draft2Digital”

What I found particularly interesting was that audiobook subscription had helped grow the company’s number. New Nook devices also seem to have played a part. So while Barnes and Noble are back in the news, maybe the decade old reporting of the imminent death of the Nook is not! Read More


The Wrap, Barnes & Noble to Launch New Membership Programs, Including Free Offering With a Catch”

Barnes & Noble added a free option to its membership offerings in the hope of better tracking how its customers shop and spend. Read More


Business Insider, “The Barnes & Noble CEO says sales are rising because he trusts his booksellers to ‘create good bookshops’ and run each store the way they want to”

…“Much has changed in that time, but the core of good bookselling remains — well curated shops staffed by booksellers who are passionate about what they do,” says James Daunt, the chain’s CEO, in a statement. Read More


Fast Company, “Barnes & Noble is stealing the indie shop playbook, and it’s working”

If you’re strolling down the Marylebone High Street in London, you’ll stumble across a popular bookstore called Daunt Books. Read More


January 2023

Forbes, How An Englishman In New York Turned The Page On Barnes & Noble”

For our plot we have a traditional retailer threatened by a huge, new-fangled corporate (that will be Amazon) and a mysterious stranger, not from around here (that will be former banker James Daunt), riding in to save the day (thanks to hedge fund Elliott Advisors). Read More


Fast Company, How Barnes & Noble transformed its brand from corporate bully to lovable neighborhood bookstore”

…“We’ve now got both the profitability and the confidence to start opening up stores again,” CEO James Daunt told The Wall Street Journal. And it’s hard to deny that the brand is enjoying its most flattering moment in the spotlight in ages. Read More


Civic Science, “Brand to Watch: Barnes & Noble”

Barnes & Noble’s reputation and success have seen change in the last couple of years, from being frowned upon for seemingly ruthless competition with independent bookstores to being an invaluable gear of publishing mechanics. Read More


The Mirror, “Barnes & Noble making big comeback with 30 stores to open in ‘big-box revival’ as ‘retail apocalypse’ hits other brands”

Barnes & Noble seems to be making a revival at a time when other large chains have announced a raft of store closures. Read More



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