Indie Author Spotlight: Kimberly Diede

Among independent authors, Kimberly Diede stands out for her heartfelt storytelling and Midwestern charm. And her latest release, “Gift of Friends,” is a testament to her abilities. She weaves together intricate tales of family, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit. But what sets Kimberly Diede apart isn’t just her captivating narratives. It is her journey from corporate life to the realm of indie publishing that is truly inspiring.

As she navigated the transition, Kimberly discovered a wellspring of creativity. And, with each book, she dove deeper into the lives of her characters. Within her stories she explores themes of love, loss, and the enduring bonds that tie us together.

We shine a spotlight on Kimberly Diede. She is not only a talented storyteller, but a shining example of the potential of indie authors. Read on as she shares her world, her words, and the magic she brings to readers everywhere.


“My Journey from Tired Corporate Employee to Inspired Fiction Author,” a Guest Post by Kimberly Diede


Like many authors, my love affair with books began with a voracious reading habit. But I focused on numbers more than words throughout my lengthy corporate career. And it wasn’t until I began writing fiction as a fun distraction from our emptying nest that I wondered whether there might be an untapped well of creativity inside of me. While experimenting with a story that I doubted anyone would ever read, I began researching indie publishing.

Story inspiration wasn’t hard to find. My great aunt forged a career in the road construction industry in the mid-1900s. She paved the way for other women. Her generous legacy was the driving force behind my earliest books. The overarching story arc delves into ways a tight-knit family might work together to keep the legacy of a loved one alive.


A New Journey

My author career officially kicked off at age fifty-one with Whispering Pines (Book 1) in my Gift of Whispering Pines series. The stories, all set in Minnesota lake country, grew to seven novels focused on the support of family. Together, the family faces a shocking layoff, an agonizing moral dilemma following divorce, and a mother’s abandonment. They also experience the brave resurrection of long-buried dreams when a marriage fractures under the pressures of life and loss. The storyline wouldn’t have felt complete without exploring the incredible life of Aunt Celia, too, the inspiring woman at the heart of the series.

two rows of book covers from Kimberly Diede's "Whispering Pines" and "Kaleidoscope Girls" series

My books capture the way I strive to live life. With family beside me, a heart and mind open to new challenges, and a nod to traditions. But fun with friends is important, too. You’ll find this and more in my related series, The Kaleidoscope Girls. In Better with Friends (Book 1), five young girls meet at summer camp and commit to future annual trips together. Those long-awaited vacations finally begin as these lifelong friends approach their big 5-0 birthdays. The only destination requirements are water and sunshine. Each book includes a getaway. But it is their unwavering support for each other as they navigate life where you’ll feel the priceless joy in their friendship.


Searching for Readers

Flatlay image of a tablet showing the cover for "Gift of Friends" with flowers on the table.I’ve found incredible support for this new career through my partnership with Barnes & Noble Press. Their platform is easy to use. Plus, the wide variety of promotional opportunities they offer speaks to their dedication to authors. They’ve included my novels in their Favorite Indie eBooks lists and various curated price promotions. My Better with Friends title was even one of ten fun-filled books featured in their July 2023 blog post of “Inspiring Women’s Fiction Beach Reads.” To see my work alongside amazing books by authors I admire gives me invaluable encouragement.

Each book I write feels special, but I’m particularly excited about the May release of Gift of Friends at Barnes & Noble. This fourth book in The Kaleidoscope Girls series takes the friends back to Whispering Pines. They return to the resort where these stories began. It’s a place for peace and healing, along with plenty of fun, and it’s exactly what these exhausted ladies need! If you enjoy losing yourself in easy reading stories that delve into deeper topics with a cast of strong characters who will feel like family and old friends, I invite you along for some Midwest lakeside fun!



About Kimberly Diede

Kimberly Diede writes contemporary novels that weave together family, friends, hope, and romance. Her Gift of Whispering Pines and The Kaleidoscope Girls series include touching family sagas and friendships that you’ll find hard to put down. Early morning writing session on the dock and evenings spent around a roaring campfire during her summers at their lake cabin always provide fresh story ideas. You’ll often find Kimberly scouring auctions and estate sales when she’s away from her laptop, because she believes that even old junk deserves a second chance.


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