More to the Story: Behind CJ Lyon’s New Thriller

Bestselling author CJ Lyons knows how to spin a great tale, but she also does her homework.

In her latest novel, she returns to her roots as an ER physician with a medical thriller that will keep you up all night: Farewell to Dreams. But that’s not the only story that CJ’s telling. She’s created a wonderful resource for curious readers, taking them inside the research that helped her craft her story — real-life cases of fatal insomnia.

Learn more about the book’s inspiration on CJ’s site.

Plus, get behind-the-scenes of her latest book’s cover art.

FarewelltoDreamslargeFarewell to Dreams

CJ Lyons

Fatal. Insomnia.
In the chaos of the ER, functioning without sleep is a prized skill. But even Dr. Angela Rossi will admit that five months is far too long, especially when accompanied by other worrisome symptoms: night sweats, tremors, muscle spasms, fevers. Then a dead nun speaks to her while Angela is holding the nun’s heart in her hand.
“Find the girl,” the nun commands—although no one else in the trauma room can hear, the words drilling directly into Angela’s brain. “Save the girl.”
Falling into catatonic states where she freezes in the middle of a resuscitation and hears dead nuns talking to her? Not good. Maybe she should check herself into her own hospital…except a lost girl’s life depends on Angela.

Because the girl IS real. The threat to her is deadly.

Aided by a police detective fallen from grace, Angela searches the midnight catacombs beneath the city, facing down a ruthless gangleader and stumbling onto a serial killer’s lair. Her desperate quest to save the girl leads her to the one thing she least expected to find: a last chance for love.

As her symptoms escalate in bizarre and disturbing ways, Angie realizes exactly how serious her illness is. She might be dying, but she’s finally choosing how to live…