New in Series: A Checklist for Adding Books, Novellas, Stories and More

shutterstock_143178355Do you love to write series — so much so that you go back and add in prequels, novellas, short stories and more? Check out this checklist for marketing your series as it grows and changes.


1. Keep it consistent: As you add new books, make sure the series name in the series field is consistent from book to book. This might seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re on book 15 it isn’t so easy to remember if you had a “the” at the start of your series name.

2. Title 2.0: Be aware that numbers with decimals (book 3.5), while a really clever way to explain an interstitial piece, won’t register as the next in series between non-decimal numbers.

3. Keep a running list: So what should you do about book 3.5? List it in your product details section where having a running list of all the titles in the series can live. And don’t forget to  update the list on all of your product pages with each new addition.


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