New Year, New Series

We recently shared a key tip to bundling and box sets — a box set cover format that works well in merchandising.

Here’s another bundling trend that’s fun for writers and readers: Pairing up first-in-series novels by genre. Recently Crossroads Press put together some massive first-in-series bundles.  With these limited-time, well-priced bundles, genre fans can easily discover new authors and new-to-digital series — a great start to a New Year of great reads.


ReRealmsofWonderalms of Wonder features fourteen novels of science fiction or fantasy—each the first book in a series—by a variety of award-winning and bestselling authors. For just $2.99!

Titles included in this collection:
The Birth of the Dread Remora – by Aaron Rosenberg – Book I of The Tales of the Scattered Earth
The Parting – by David Niall Wilson – Book I of the Novels of the O.C.L.T.
Haydn of Mars – By Al Sarrantonio – Book I of The Masters of Mars Trilogy
City of Iron – By Chet Williamson – Book I of The Searchers Series
Exile – By Al Sarrantonio – Book One of The Five Worlds Trilogy
Blood River Down – By Charles L. Grant – Book I of The Quest for the White Duck Trilogy
A Malady of Magicks – By Craig Shaw Gardner – Book I of The Ebenezum Series
Symphony – By Charles L. Grant – Book I of The Millennium Quartet
Lost Things – By Melissa Scott & Jo Graham – Book I of The Order of the Air
The Phoenix Bells – By Kathryn Ptacek – Book I of The Land of Ten Thousand Willows
Heart of a Dragon – By David Niall Wilson – Book I of The DeChance Chronicles
No Small Bills – By Aaron Rosenberg – Book I of The Adventures of DuckBob
Five-Twelfths of Heaven – By Melissa Scott – Book I of The Roads of Heaven Trilogy
The Quest of the Thirteen – By John DeFilippis – Book I of The Medallion of Mavinor Series


AMurderofMysteriesA Murder of Mysteries gives readers twenty novels of mystery and suspense by a collection of award-winning and bestselling authors — all for $2.99. This limited time bundle features all first-in-series whodunnits.

Titles included in this collection:
Too Late to Die – by Bill Crider – Book 1 of the Dan Rhodes Mysteries
Death is a Cabaret – by Deborah Morgan – Book 1 of the Antique Lover’s Mysteries
A. P. B. – by Dave Pedneau – Book 1 of the Whit Pynchon Mysteries
Switch – by William Bayer – Book 1 of the Janek Series
Blood Moon – by Ed Gorman – Book 1 of the Robert Payne Mystery Series
The Turner Journals – by Robert J. Randisi – Book 1 of the Detective McQueen Series
The Hanged Man – by T.J. MacGregor – Book 1 of the Mira Morales Series
Pink Vodka Blues – by Neal Barrett, Jr. – Book 1 of the Blues Series
Dead on the Island – by Bill Crider – Book 1 of the Truman Smith Mysteries
A Hard Day’s Death – by Raymond Benson – Book 1 of the Spike Berenger Rock ‘N’ Roll Mysteries
Prophecy Rock – by Rob MacGregor – Book 1 of the Will Lansa Mysteries
The Changing – by T.M. Wright – Book 1 of the Biergarten Series
A Minor Case of Murder – by Jeff Markowitz – Book 1 of the Cassie O’Malley Mysteries
Sins of the Flash – by David Niall Wilson
Case File – by Bill Pronzini – part of the Bill Pronzini Mystery Collection
Rough Cut – by Ed Gorman – Book 1 of the Jack Dwyer Mystery Series
Murder, Sometimes – by Patricia Lee Macomber – Book 1 of the Jason Callahan Mysteries
Tango Key – by T.J. MacGregor – Book 1 of the Tango Key Mysteries
One Dead Dean – by Bill Crider – Book 1 of the Carl Burns Mysteries
Tangier – by William Bayer – Book 1 of the Foreign Detective Series


HauntingofHorrors1A Haunting of Horrors gives readers a good way to startle themselves into 2015:  Twenty novels of horror and the occult by award-winning and bestselling authors. And the frightfully good price? $2.99, for a limited time.

Titles included in this collection:
Horrorween – Al Sarrantonio – Book 1 of the Orangefield Series
It’s Loose – B.W. Battin
Ash Wednesday – Chet Williamson
The Kill Riff – David J. Schow
Wire Mesh Mothers – Elizabeth Massie
The Beast That Was Max – Gerard Houarner – Book 1 of the Resurrection Cycle
The Evil – Hugh B. Cave – Book 1 of the Evil Trilogy
Blood of the Impaler – Jeffrey Sackett
The Fury – John Farris – Book 1 of the Fury Series
The Light at the End – John Skipp & Craig Spector
Lake Monsters – Joseph A. Citro
Prodigal – Melanie Tem
AfterAge – Yvonne Navarro
Ancient Eyes – David Niall Wilson
Child of the Night – Nancy Kilpatrick – Book 1 in the Power of the Blood world
The Dark’Un – Ronald Kelly
Gnelfs – Sidney Williams
Excavation – Steve Rasnic Tem
Thunder Rise – G. Wayne Miller – Book 1 of the Thunder Rise Trilogy
Hexes – Tom Piccirilli


HauntingofHorror2A Haunting of Horrors, Volume 2 offers twenty more novels and collections of horror and the occult from award-winning and bestselling authors. Scare yourself with the books, not the price: just $2.99 for a limited time.

Titles included in this collection:
The Convulsion Factory – Brian Hodge
Dust of Eden – Thomas Sullivan
The Weird Ones – Steve Vernon
Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors – Weston Ochse & David Whitman
Blood Samples – Jay Bonansinga
Untcigahunk: The Complete Little Brothers – Rick Hautala
Kiss Me Like You Love Me – Wednesday Lee Friday
Red Dreams – Dennis Etchison
The Shadows, Kith & Kin – Joe R. Lansdale
Tryptych – Jack Ketchum
The Forbidden Zone – Whitley Strieber
The Last Call of Mourning – Charles L. Grant
Shadoweyes – Kathryn Ptacek
With Wounds Still Wet – Wayne Allen Sallee
Black Leather Required – David J. Schow
Defining Moments – David Niall Wilson
Delightful Agony – David Whitman
Less Than Human – Gary Raisor
Dark Ride – Michael Laimo
The Nightmare Frontier – Stephen Mark Rainey

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