Bundle Up: A tip on packaging bundled titles

Morgan Rice bundleWildRandallsBundle‘Tis the season for bundling up — and not just because it’s cold out.  If you’re thinking about re-packaging your books as a bundle or box set for some extra sales this holiday season, then we have a tip for you…

Please reconsider the box set mock up!

While a Photoshopped box set graphic does convey the value of getting 7 novels for $3.99, for example, it doesn’t look good as a thumbnail or in most merchandising slots.

What works? Consider splicing together a piece of each of the covers within the bundle or set.

Too many titles for this technique? Here are some other ways to make a design that looks great while also showing readers all the titles they’ll get with your set:

  • fan covers face forward
  • create a collage using elements from a series’ covers
  • make a new cover that lists the titles and authors in your collection



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