How to Boost Your NOOK Readership with the Free B&N NOOK App

As authors, it’s important to utilize as many tools as possible to find and engage readers and, with the free B&N NOOK App, you can boost your NOOK readership thanks to new upgrades, features, and promotions!

Here’s a few insights into the new and improved B&N NOOK App:


Features and Interface

The B&N NOOK App recently underwent a redesign that includes a new layout, simple discovery tools, intuitive scroll and swipe, and upgraded syncing. Understanding these tools is important to build your NOOK readership because you should know how your books appear to the customer.

Exploring the app is also a good way to see what kinds of promotions are available with NOOK. Researching the popular titles in these sales can be a great way to make sure your books align with our readership!


Free eBooks vs. Priced eBooks

Because of limitations beyond our control, purchasing content via the app is not possible. But there are workarounds. One if free content. While a user can’t purchase a book in the app, they can download something for free.

The other thing to remember is the Wishlist. Encouraging your readers to add books to their Wishlist in the app and then all they would need to do is go to, look up their Wishlist in the account section and from there they can purchase the book.

With upgraded syncing, that purchased book from will quickly show up in the B&N NOOK app library. On the go reading with only a few clicks!



In 2022, B&N introduced a more seamless way to enjoy audiobook content integrated in the B&N NOOK app. Audiobooks are a fast growing market and, while they can be costly to produce, they can be another way to expand your readership.

B&N also introduced an audiobook subscription service for their audiobooks that offers a 14-day Free trial! In a just a few quick steps, listeners get a free credit when you sign up and then a free credit each month at a charge with the ability to cancel at anytime.

For indie authors, while B&N Press does not have a direct upload option, we do work closely with the leading publisher of indie audiobook content – Findaway Voices. With complete control over your dashboard, Findaway makes it easy to upload your audiobook, add metadata, and make price changes.




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