Have A Top Ten List

PrincessCollageAuthors know all about lists — bestseller lists, top selling eBooks, competition short lists, etc. There’s one list that shouldn’t be forgotten once authors start promoting their book: the top ten reasons readers will enjoy and benefit from reading their book.

Bestselling author Jean Sasson has found new readers for her acclaimed Princess series by offering it as an eBook and box set. This nonfiction trilogy describes the true life of Princess Sultana, a princess in the royal house of Saudi Arabia. Now she’s just released a fourth book, Princess, More Tears to Cry,   an unforgettable journey into the hearts and minds of Saudi women.

Why should readers buy Princess, More Tears to Cry? Here is Jean’s top ten list:

1) It puts Saudi Arabia and the life of a princess at your fingertips.


2) You will travel to a mysterious world where few are invited to enter.


3) You will see the world through the eyes of a princess.


4) You’ll be inspired to help others.


5) You’ll learn points of view that you had never before considered.


6) This book will make you aware of the complicated lives lived by so

many Saudi women.


7) The captivating, powerful stories will stay in your heart and mind forever.


8) A good book can make you laugh and make you cry. This book will do both.


9) You’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself.


10) You’ll join millions of other readers who follow the compelling and inspiring life of a Saudi princess.





Ready to start your journey with Jean Sasson’s Princess series? She’s put the first three books into a box set.


  1. The entire ‘Princess’ series of books are all so fascinating and inspiring.

    I read ‘Princess: More Tears to Cry’ as soon as it was published and absolutely loved it.

    If you read the book as well, why would you recommend it to others?

    And if you have not read ‘Princess, More Tears to Cry’ yet, what would you like to learn by reading it?

    Here are 5 more reasons readers should buy Jean Sasson’s new book, ‘Princess: More
    Tears to Cry’:

    11) It will inspire you to help others.

    12) You will learn about a world that is rarely discussed in private, let alone ever written about.

    13) The author has tremendous respect for the culture and the Saudi people.

    14) The author is an expert on Saudi life, having lived in the country for over a decade.

    15) The true stories in the book are all so fascinating; they will stay with you long after you read them because each one is so unique and touching.

  2. and here’s a new article I just found with the author talking all about her new book ‘Princess, More Tears to Cry’ http://bit.ly/1rbjgrJ