Why I Moved My Books To B&N Press

To Transfer to B&N Press or to Not Transfer to B&N Press… Really, there is no question!

A Guest Post by Jennifer Chance

There are a vast number of self-publishing websites and options out there. And, as a new author back in 2015, I was daunted by having to work with several retailers, while not knowing exactly the best way to upload books to these self-publishing platforms. Plus, I published several books very quickly, so I had a large volume to manage. As a result, I used a popular aggregate distribution service which allowed me to upload once, and the aggregate would handle the heavy lifting, making sure the books were correctly distributed to each online retailer.

While this was a reasonable solution for a first-time indie author, I eventually realized that this extra step wasn’t necessary for at least one of the retailers: Barnes & Noble Press™. Once I started making the switch by going direct for a few of my books that were previously on the aggregate service, I was startled to find how easy it was to publish my full catalog directly with Barnes & Noble Press. With a few simple steps, I was off and running!

If you’re considering making the switch to move your books to B&N Press, here are three questions to consider:


1) Do I like making more money?

If the answer is yes, then moving your books to B&N Press should be a no-brainer. Why? Simple math. Each aggregate/distribution service varies, but in my case, I earn $0.22 more in royalties for each book I upload direct with B&N Press vs. the aggregate service. When you consider how many books you sell, particularly during a promotion, that $0.22 makes a difference! You can also make more money on a percentage basis – a 65% royalty – for books priced over $10, like if you have boxed sets and bundles. B&N Press’s royalty structure just keeps getting better!


2) Do I like having all my data in one place?

When I first got started, I used the aggregate service for some books, but then “test-drove” the retailer’s own self-publishing platform (like B&N Press) for others. That resulted in having two different places for my book data! Every time I make the switch and transfer another book into B&N Press, I get a better, more immediate picture of my sales and project history. Also, now that B&N Press’s eBook and print book platform is one in the same, complete with a slick metadata cloning process, you can create new versions of the same book quickly and easily.


3) Do I like having more data?

B&N Press is constantly updating its dashboard to provide authors with further breakdowns of sales data in a graphically appealing user interface. The most recent update not only improved the data views, but B&N Press also now has a “Last 30 Days” graph to show trends of each of your titles to help you plan for promotions. These various sales reports (all downloadable) and improved dashboard make using B&N Press a pleasure.


Still want more?

How about the fact that B&N Press offers a 12-month pre-order option for authors? And, even as I’m writing this blog, I’m diving deeper into their print project system that has both paperback and hardcover options. I’m definitely working to expand my print run and, having everything in one place, is an appealing self-publishing resource.

So what are you waiting for? If you have specific questions, contact BNPressSupport@bn.com. Otherwise, follow these 5 steps to make your transition easier:

    1. Copy all your metadata from your existing aggregate service into a separate document—you’ll want to use the exact same keywords/categories/etc. when you go to re-upload your book. Why? Because that way, all your reviews and rankings from the previous version of your book will transfer to the new version on B&N Press!
    2. Upload your eBook and print books to the B&N Press Dashboard—and keep your books linked together through the metadata cloning and “Start A Different Version” tile.
    3. Verify that the new version is available for sale with all the correct reviews and metadata.
    4. Once you’re certain all is well, delist your book on the aggregate service so as not to confuse readers.
    5. And voila! You’re done!

So that’s it! While I am still in the process of transferring all my books, every time I do, I think “I should have done this sooner.” Save yourself time and money—and take advantage of a fantastic, user-friendly system! Make the switch to B&N Press, today!

For more information about me and my books head to my websites at www.jenniferchance.com and www.jennstark.com. And my latest book Wilde Fire is available now – don’t miss out!

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