Tips for Writing Your Novel’s Description


One of the key ways to market your book effectively is to provide a great description. But after all that time writing and polishing your story, it can be challenging to sum up your book with some pithy marketing copy. Try these three easy steps to a better description for your novel.
1. Pitch it
If you had 30 seconds to explain to readers why they would enjoy your book, what would you say? Translate this 30-second pitch to 150-200 words or copy–that’s your description.
2. Add a headline
Then write a shorter, grabbier 20-40 word headline that draws in readers and quickly lets them know what your book is about. Is it a love story, a period piece, a nail-biter? It’s also a good idea to help identify the tone (humor vs. thriller), genre (romantic, fantasy), and main events. If your book crosses genres, be sure to note that too. For instance, paranormal romance is a hot topic and readers would be interested in knowing that you have both a steamy plot and vampires. Already have your copy? Edit the first line to include a few more details and you probably have a pretty good headline.

3. Leave them wanting more
Don’t be afraid to leave your readers with a few questions. Once you have them hooked with the header, your reader wants to learn more. But what and how much will you tell? Create suspense–entice them to buy the book to find out more.

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