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Colin’s Quest by Shirleen Davies

When Colin MacLaren headed west on a wagon train, he hoped to find adventure and perhaps a little danger in untamed California. He never expected to meet the girl he would love forever. He also never expected her to be the daughter of his family’s age-old enemy, but Sarah was a MacGregor and the anger he anticipated soon became a reality. Her father would not be swayed, vehemently refusing to allow marriage to a MacLaren. Forced apart for five years, Sarah never forgot Colin and nor did she give up on his promise to come for her. Carrying the brooch he gave her as proof of their secret betrothal, she scans the trail from California, waiting for Colin to claim her. Unfortunately, her father has other plans…

Tame a Wild Heart by Cynthia Woolf

Catherine Evans fell in love with Duncan McKenzie when she was three years old. And on her sixteenth birthday he walked away from her father’s ranch, and from her. From that day forward, Catherine swore off all men. She’d run her father’s ranch. And she would never love another man as long as she lived. But when Catherine’s frightened father summons Duncan home to help his ranch under siege, the old man’s stubborn daughter refuses to seek help. Marriage becomes the only way Duncan can protect her. Then Duncan’s own past comes calling. A dangerous and vengeful outlaw, wants the ranch badly enough to kill for it, and Duncan’s reluctant bride is very much in their way.

Lesson That Taught Love by G.L. Tomas

Following in his father’s footsteps, it’s been ages since Kit “Lucky” Parrish left his small town of Wheelwright, Kentucky to serve his country. Thirteen years of triumph haven’t come without life-altering tours of loss, as Kit returns a different man. Determined to adjust to civilian life while coming to terms with past demons won’t be easy, but when he becomes captivated with an old classmate, his motivation changes for the better. If only the beautiful and intelligent Rebecca “Beck” Dobson, a girl he’d never known, wasn’t plagued with her own grief and untold secrets. Is love enough to heal them from their pain-stricken pasts?

Adam by Chris Keniston

On a barren road in the pre-dawn hours, Adam Farraday, the oldest of seven siblings, happens upon a disabled sports car and an angel in white searching for a disappearing dog. What is it about this secretive redheaded beauty that intrigues him as no woman has before? After learning her fiancé’s true nature minutes before her wedding, Meg O’Brien drives as fast and as far away from her world as she can. Stranded with no money, and nowhere to go, the city girl must learn to fit in to small town life and all its quirky trappings. Too bad falling in love with her handsome rescuer is not an option.

Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

Lauren had been raised to not be afraid of anything, and she lived by that code, that is until her dad died and left everything in her hands. Now she’s not only in charge of her two younger sisters, but she’s running a full-blown Texas ranch. What she doesn’t have time for is someone who will only complicate her life further. Chase is back in his hometown. Helping his dad with his veterinary practice is high on his list. So is being with the lovely Lauren West. Years ago, he found a unique way to bind them together. Now all he has to do is prove to her that he’s the right man to spend the rest of her life with.

Brush Creek Cowboy by Liz Isaacson

Former rodeo champion and cowboy Walker Thompson trains horses at Brush Creek Horse Ranch and lives a simple life with his son, Michael. He’s worked with Tess Wagner, a widow who came to Brush Creek to escape turmoil and give her son, Graham, a fresh start. When Walker finally gets up the nerve to ask Tess to dinner, she confesses a tragic medical diagnosis. And he’ll have to decide if he’d rather spend even a short time with Tess and Graham than not have them in his life at all. Can Walker and Tess make a family with their sons, the horses, and a lot of chocolate?

Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend

Responsible oldest of six brothers, Blake Coleman knows his desire for the sweet girl-next-door is wrong. Jaxi, though, has other plans for Blake’s heart. She’s more than ready to convince him they’d be perfect together. When Jaxi ends up living on the Six Pack ranch right under Blake’s nose, the undeniable heat between them slides off simmer and up to barn-burning levels. When a couple of Blake’s younger brothers decide Jaxi’s brand of trouble is worth getting tangled up with, Blake’s going to have to let go the reins and fight for what he really wants—her heart, forever.

Treasure Me, Cowboy by Debra Clopton 

Needing a break, a summer spent living in and researching a historic stagecoach house on the Turner Creek Ranch sounds heavenly to history teacher Melody Chandler. But Melody doesn’t realize until she’s already settled into the house for the summer that cowboy Seth Turner does not want her there meddling into the family’s past and demands that she leave. But Melody isn’t leaving. And when she discovers a map to find a secret treasure, soon Seth and Melody are drawn together in search that may threaten to tear them apart.

The Wren by Kristy McCaffrey 

Ten years have passed since Molly Hart’s ranch was attacked, her folks murdered, and she was abducted. Now, at nineteen, she’s finally returning home to North Texas. What she finds is a deserted home coated with dust, the chilling discovery of her own gravesite, and the presence of a man she thought never to see again. Matt Ryan is pushed by a restless wind. For ten years he faithfully served the U.S. Army and the Texas Rangers, seeking justice for the brutal murder of a little girl, only to find closure and healing beyond his grasp. Returning to the place where it all began, he’s stunned to encounter a woman with the same blue eyes as the child he can’t put out of his mind.

Flames of Love by Erin Wright

As a firefighter, Jaxson Anderson is well acquainted with danger. But the perils of romance and losing your heart? He’s not interested. On the heels of an abusive marriage, Sugar Stonemyer is done with men. But when Jaxson Anderson strolls into the bakery with a very wicked offer, she can’t resist. One look at the fireman, and Sugar knows the Sawyer rumor mills haven’t exaggerated. He wants an arrangement, nothing more, and that’s perfect. With each slow seduction, Sugar falls a little more. She has only herself to blame. She didn’t want either of them to have feelings, but that’s not how the game is played…

Texas Roots by Jean Bashear

When scandal and an ambitious prosecutor wreck talented chef Scarlett Ross’s life and she learns of a grandmother she never knew she had, she flees the notoriety to pay an anonymous visit to Sweetgrass Springs, Texas, a town kept alive only by her grandmother’s determination and carried on the strong shoulders of sexy Texas cowboy Ian McLaren. There she is surprised to discover a yearning to sink roots deep in the Texas Hill Country—but she is terrified that the secrets she’s hiding will endanger everyone she’s come to love.

Country Heaven by Ava Miles

When famous–and infamous–country singer rock star Rye Crenshaw saunters into the diner where she cooks, Tory Simmons is certain she’s got him pegged. But while she couldn’t care less about country music or arrogant men, Rye makes her an offer she can’t refuse. He asks her to be his private chef on his multi-city concert tour and the job is the answer to all her prayers. Rye is certain his sassy new cook is the last woman who’d ever tempt him, but spending time with Tory on the road shows him a new side to her. And one that’s as impossible to resist as her food. When an emergency in his family whisks him home, he does the one thing he’s never risked: he lets a woman into his heart…

On His Bended Knee Shanea Johnson

Sgt. Dylan Banks lost more than just his leg in the war. Now, he’s determined to create a safe place for other wounded warriors to heal. But a hidden zoning law requires all residents of the Purple Heart Ranch to be married. To save his dream, Dylan and his men will have to tie the knot. Fate puts Maggie Shaw in Dylan’s path with a proposal that seems too good to be true. Can her heart bear a loveless marriage of convenience? Dylan yearns to reach out for Maggie’s healing touch, but he’s convinced his wounds are too deep for her embrace. Maggie sees past Dylan’s injuries, but if she fails to capture his heart they both could lose it all.

Sweet Montana Sky by Lisa Mondello

When Kasper Dobbs shows up on the ranch, Tabby Swanson is intrigued and hopeful. The handsome businessman, and former local hockey star, has deep pockets. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s devastatingly handsome. It almost makes her forget about the strange happenings on the ranch until someone turns up dead. Then she and her prized horse suffer a near fatal accident in competition, threatening her rodeo days forever. Kasper knows Tabby’s fall was no accident and he calls the Knight brothers to investigate. He wants to believe he’s doing it all in the name of business. But he’s fallen hard for the cowgirl whose sunshine smile makes him want more than just to ride again. He wants the girl for life!

First Instinct by Suzie O’Connell

Life-long friends Beth Carlyle and Nick Hammond haven’t ever pushed the limits of their relationship. But when her boyfriend turns violent and Nick jumps in to protect her, everything changes. Boundaries crumble and new desires ignite. With her heart a tangled mess, how can she know what’s real? Nick is willing to do whatever it takes to help Beth recover, no matter the cost to himself. But in the face of undeserved consequences, he may be the one who needs saving. Protecting the man she loves means bringing her nightmare into the light. Will she find the courage to reveal the truth before Nick pays the ultimate price?

Cowboy Come Home by Sinclair Jayne

Rodeo cowboy Boone Telford feels like he’s running out of time to make his mark. Boone vows that this is his year finally be a rodeo champion. Then a beautiful masseuse he meets on a quick detour to the beach gives him a glimpse of a happy life. Is loving Piper and settling down on his family’s Montana ranch giving up his dreams and destiny? And Piper Wiley is doing the one thing she swore she never would–following a man who’s chasing his career from town to town. Meeting Boone was unexpected and powerful. Love at first sight. But can she convince her cowboy to finally come home and make his mark with her?

Forever Dreams by Leeana Morgan

When Gracie Donnelly, a school teacher from New Zealand, arrives on a Montana cattle ranch, she has more on her mind than mending fences and feeding chickens. She’s secretly searching for her father and answers to questions that could destroy a family. But just one look at the fiery redhead and Trent McKenzie knows Gracie is going to be trouble. Ever since the failure of his first marriage, he promised never to listen to his heart again. Especially when his heart is saying he’s falling in love – and the one thing Gracie’s searching for is the one thing that could take her away from him forever.

A Long, Cool Rain by Linda Seed

Colin Delaney’s wealthy family has been a Central Coast fixture for generations. When the Delaneys are rocked by the sudden death of Colin’s uncle, a shareholder in the family fortune, Colin learns something that throws all he’d thought he knew about the man into question. Julia McCray knows that her brother, Drew, has been hiding something that’s been tearing him apart. The day Colin turns up on Julia’s doorstep, he reveals a secret that will throw both her world and his into turmoil. Her growing feelings for Colin are decidedly inconvenient—and will test her allegiance to her own family.

Texas Cowboy by Eve Gaddy

Trey Kelly has it all. He runs the Kelly ranch, and Trey’s heart is with his World Champion cutting horses he breeds and sells. Women love Trey and he loves women. But he’s never met the one he wanted for keeps. Reclusive Ariana Wright’s lavender farm sits next door to the Kelly spread. Ariana is a smart, ambitious chemist and after the car accident that left her scarred, the success of her new line of lavender-based beauty products is all Ariana is interested in. Convincing Ariana to take a chance on love is a task that takes all of Trey’s cowboy determination. But can Ariana let go of the wounds of the past and give herself more than one night with the cowboy?

Blame It On Your Heart by Jami Alden

At one time, Ellie Tanner wanted nothing more than a simple life in Big Timber with the love of her life. But after Damon Decker broke her heart, Ellie couldn’t get out of town fast enough. Twelve years later, Ellie is back. And her life is nothing like she’d once imagined, as she is forced to move back in with her mother. Then, when she’s forced to work closely with Damon, Ellie tries to ignore the powerful attraction still simmering between them. To Damon, he learned the hard way not to count on a future with Ellie. While he may not be able to keep his hands off her, this time he knows better. Until he’s forced to admit that when it comes to it comes to loving Ellie, he doesn’t have a choice.

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