20 Questions with… Jeff Wheeler

Dive headfirst into the enchanting realm of bestselling author, Jeff Wheeler! With the release of his latest book, “The Widow’s Fate,” out now, we’re thrilled to bring you our latest round of “20 Questions,” offering an intimate glimpse into his literary world.

Let’s unravel the intricacies of Jeff Wheeler’s writing process, unveil the wellsprings of his inspiration, and unwrap the very essence of his storytelling.





1. Your best virtue as an author.

I’m pretty disciplined – I’ve never missed a deadline. Maybe I’m just paranoid.


2. Your most quirky author habit.

I use noise-canceling headphones *and* a white-noise machine.


3. Your favorite quality in a protagonist.

Someone who is willing to do the right thing, even if it’s unpopular in the situation. Going against the crowd is so hard but admirable!


4. Your favorite quality in an antagonist.

Cleverness – I typically rate a villain by how smart they are and love it when they’re smarter than the hero.


5. If you could ask any other author, past or present, a question who would it be and what would you ask?

Harper Lee – what inhibited you from writing more?


6. When you aren’t writing, you are:

Going on hikes (unless it’s snowing).


7. Your easiest book to write.

Knight’s Ransom – for some reason, the characters and story just flowed. Knights and magic—fun stuff!


8. Your hardest book to write.

Storm Glass – this one required a lot of re-work as I juggled two main characters in a new world who were never on the same page together.


9. Your ideal writing place.

My home office (especially when the kids are at school and the dogs aren’t barking at delivery drivers).


10. Your favorite childhood book.

The High King by Lloyd Alexander – I was in elementary school when I read this series and the ending just made me fall apart.


11. The book you’ve reread the most.

The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks – it’s the book that inspired me to become a writer.


12. Your favorite hero from literature.

Atticus Finch – wish he was my dad.


13. Your favorite villain from literature.

Dracula – wicked smart, evil, and resilient as heck.


14. The name of your autobiography.

Your First Million Words (it’s my writing memoir but close enough).


15. Your favorite comfort food.

Chinese fried rice with shrimp.


16. First thing you do when you finish writing a novel.

I write three to four novels a year and the only tradition I really have is after the audiobook comes out. I take time to listen to it because my narrator (Kate Rudd) is so awesome and enough time has elapsed that I can still enjoy it without cringing!


17. A secret talent you have.

I know Shaolin kung fu. Seriously.


18. Where have you always wanted to travel?

France. Specifically, the island monastery of Mont Saint-Michel.


19. One tip for aspiring authors?

After you’ve written your first million words, then you are ready to start being a writer.


20. Puppies or kittens?

We have two cats and two dogs and while puppies are cuter, kittens are easier!




About Jeff Wheeler:

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to write full-time. He is a husband, father of five, and a devout member of his church. Jeff lives in the Rocky Mountains. His fantasy books have sold more than 6 million copies and have been translated into multiple languages worldwide.


Connect with Jeff Wheeler:

Website: jeff-wheeler.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/muirwoodwheeler

Instagram: www.instagram.com/muirwoodwheeler


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