20 Questions with… Marci Bolden

Marci Bolden writes books that are poignant, emotional, uplifting and… not yet from the comfort of a cozy cabin! Read about the places and people inspiring Marci’s writing, along with her favorite books for a dazzling entry in our 20 Questions series.

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1.Your best virtue as an author.

How sensitive I am, which I think is absolutely the best quality to have as a writer. If I can’t feel every nuance of what a character is going through, how can I share those experiences with the reader? My family often finds me sitting at my computer crying along with my characters.


2. Your most quirky author habit.

Once I get into the story, I have a hard time detaching from the world I’ve created. My husband can always tell where I am in the story arc by my mood. If my characters are happy, I’m happy. Then, if my characters are sad, I’m sad. If they are fighting…look out!


3. Your favorite quality in a protagonist.

I enjoy writing characters who are capable of growth. Learning and overcoming challenges is pointless if life goes on as it had before. I like characters who are broken in some way at the beginning so we can watch them start to heal.


4. Your favorite quality in an antagonist.

As with the protagonist, I want to see someone grow and learn and do better. The antagonist is often more interesting and has far more layers to peel away. I really enjoy pulling those characters apart to see what makes them tick. I never want to write a character who is mean just to be mean. They always have a motive.


5. If you could ask any other author, past or present, a question who would it be and what would you ask?

I’m a self-help book junkie, so I’d want to sit Mel Robbins down and ask her the hardest question she’s ever been asked, “What are you going to do with this mess?” as I gesture at my entire being.


6. When you aren’t writing, you are____

I spend a lot of time crafting, cooking, or tending to my addiction – the overabundance of plants in my office. My husband likes to remind me I don’t need more plants. I like to remind him I could be adopting farm animals. A succulent on the shelf is better than a goat in the bed. Although, a goat in pajamas is definitely cuter than a succulent in a pot.


7. Your easiest book to write.

The entire Stonehill series came together very easily. I think each character had such a distinct personality and story to tell that once I determined the small town where they would unfold, everything fell into place with that series. I wrote the first five books in about a year.

 8. Your hardest book to write.

A Life Without Water was an incredibly heavy and emotionally draining story to tell. Because I tend to cry right along with my characters, I cried a lot writing this book. We had an exchange student living with us while I was writing that book, and she would come home from school to find me congested and teary eyed. I’m sure it scared her off from ever considering a career as an author!




9. Your ideal writing place.

A secluded cabin in the mountains with a picture window overlooking a spectacular view. My husband and I are hoping to relocate to the mountains in the next few years. I’m going to be very particular about the view once we do.


10. Your favorite childhood book.

By the sixth grade I’d given up books targeted to younger readers. They’d never interested me. I started reading romance and suspense before middle school. One of my first “real” books was The Unforgiven by Patricia MacDonald. That book had a huge impact on my decision to start writing.


11. The book you’ve reread the most.

 You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Who doesn’t need a curse word laden pep talk now and then?


12. Your favorite hero from literature.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew. Such an amazing inspiration for young women. She’s smart and independent and incredibly brave.


13. Your favorite villain from literature.

One of the villains that always has stood out to me was Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. That woman had a special talent for inflicting hell on her enemy. Very impressive.

14. The name of your autobiography.

What the Frick* Did I Just Do?

Whether I’m writing, cooking, cleaning, or buying my thousandth houseplant, this is easily the question I ask myself most often.

*Actual word usage altered for audience consideration 🙂

15. Your favorite comfort food.

Anytime I tell my husband I’m craving fried chicken his face drains of all color and he hesitantly asks, “Are you pregnant, are you sick, or did someone die?” To be fair, I did tell him I was pregnant with our eldest after I’d scarfed down a bucket of KFC, but sometimes a girl just wants some fried chicken.


16. First thing you do when you finish writing a novel.

Sleep. For days. I dump a lot of emotions into my work, and I am drained by the time the process ends.


17. A secret talent you have.

I’m really awesome at collecting things I never touch again. Anything from books, to crafting supplies, to exercise equipment. Some people may not see this as a talent, but it takes a special kind of skillset to convince yourself you really, really need something and then put it on a shelf and immediately forget you own it.


18. Where have you always wanted to travel?

I was pregnant when my husband and I got married so we never took a honeymoon. We decided a long time ago we’d spend our twentieth wedding anniversary in Hawaii. However, our twentieth wedding anniversary is in late April and neither of us are comfortable traveling that far just yet, so we’ve rented a cabin in the Ozarks. Fingers crossed, we’ll be spending our twenty-first anniversary in Hawaii.


19. One tip for aspiring authors.

Be open to advice but trust your instincts.


20. Puppies or kittens?

Both, of course!! I have two dogs and three cats. They regularly take front and center on my social media sites. Seeing how much my readers enjoy engaging in their antics is so much fun. I think my ginger cat, Squishy, has earned quite a following. We do tend to adopt animals who are hard to home due to age or health issues, so my readers have enjoyed the ups and the downs of having pets with me, including a lot of tears.


About Marci Bolden:

As a teen, Marci Bolden skipped over young adult books and jumped right into reading romance novels. She never left. Marci lives in the Midwest with her husband, two teenaged kiddos, and numerous rescue pets. If she had an ounce of will power, Marci would embrace healthy living but until cupcakes and wine are no longer available at the local grocery store, she’ll put that ambition on hold and appease her guilt by reading self-help books and promising to join a gym “soon.” 


Visit her here: http://www.marcibolden.com/


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