20 Questions with… Marie Force

Marie Force is back! The most brazen terrorist attack in history. A country bent on revenge. An affair cut short. A heart that never truly heals…

Bestselling author Marie Force debuts her latest novel Five Years Gone today on NOOK! To celebrate, get to know Marie as she answers 20 Questions on everything from writing, to favorite reads, and more!


1.Your best virtue as an author.

Probably my ability to invoke a feeling of family and community in all my series. The readers seem to respond most to those elements in my books.

2. Your most quirky author habit.

I write in bed. I joke that as a romance author, I do my best work in bed!

3. Your favorite quality in a protagonist.

A caretaker hero, who steps up for his love in her time of need. I love to write that!

4. Your favorite quality in an antagonist.

Consistency—I like to write antagonists who are consistently awful.

5. If you could ask any other author, past or present, a question who would it be and what would you ask?

I would ask Danielle Steel how she manages to write so many books in a year on a typewriter. That is fascinating to me.

6. When you aren’t writing, you are____

Napping or reading or hanging out with my family/friends.

7. Your easiest book to write.

Anything having to do with Gansett Island.

8. Your hardest book to write.

The Fatal Series books because of the suspense plots—and now I’m learning that writing historical romance is rather challenging, too.

9. Your ideal writing place.


10. Your favorite childhood book.

Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew—I was destined to write series and suspense.

11. The book you’ve reread the most.

Probably my own—a key part of my series writing process is rereading the past books to stay current. I joke that I get sick of myself.

12. Your favorite hero from literature.

Father Ralph from the Thorn Birds. I picture him as Richard Chamberlain, who played him in the mini-series. I devoured that book when I was 14.

13. Your favorite villain from literature.

I can’t really think of one. I don’t read a lot of “dark” stuff with villains. There are enough of them in real life.

14. The name of your autobiography.

A Very Good Run… I love this because when my mom died, I heard my dad say, “We had a very good run.” At the time, I thought there’s not much more you can say to describe a good life and I’ve always remembered that he said that.

15. Your favorite comfort food.

Chocolate as well as salt & vinegar chips (not together).

16. First thing you do when you finish writing a novel.

Start another one!

17. A secret talent you have.

My team jokes that I have one talent and one talent only and that I should “stay in my lane,” but I also think I’m pretty good at singing, though my kids would adamantly disagree!

18. Where have you always wanted to travel?

Austria. I want to take the Sound of Music tour. We may get there next year!

19. One tip for aspiring authors.

Write every day, seven days a week until it becomes a habit. Writers actually WRITE. They don’t just talk about writing.

20. Puppies or kittens?

PUPPIES! I’m crazy about dogs (and have three of them), but cats freak me out! 🐶


To learn more about Marie Force and her books, visit her webpage at marieforce.com

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