6 Reasons to Create Special Edition Print Books

In the digital age, it’s a good idea to utilize all the tools of self-publishing. And what better way than with a special edition print book! While eBooks have undeniable convenience and accessibility, there’s something magical about holding a physical book in your hands.

Print isn’t going out of style. It can even be the perfect way to expand not just your business, but your creative drive. So, read on to find out why you should create special edition print books with B&N Press!


1. Celebrating Creativity and Uniqueness

Special edition print versions offer authors the chance to celebrate their creativity and showcase the uniqueness of their work. With a variety of choices such as two hardcover options, color printing, and glossy or matte covers, authors can design a book that stands out. And, by infusing your vision into a physical print book, you can forge a more personal connection with your readers. This makes the reading experience even more memorable and cherished.


2. Collectibles and Limited Editions

People are naturally drawn to limited edition items, especially when it comes to books. Special edition print versions not only serve as collectibles for passionate readers but also create a sense of urgency among potential buyers. For instance, by offering the book for a limited time, you can tap into the appeal of exclusivity, driving demand and creating a buzz around your self-published books. This heightened desirability can lead to increased sales and dedicated fans eagerly awaiting future releases.


3. Strengthening Relationships with Readers

A special edition print version is not just a book; it’s a piece of art and a treasure for fans. The effort put into crafting a unique edition sends a powerful message. It says to your readers that you care deeply about your work and your audience. In turn, readers feel a stronger connection to you, which can deepen their loyalty and love for your books.


4. Showcasing Professionalism and Quality

By partnering with B&N Press, authors gain access to a reputable and well-established platform that guarantees a level of quality and professionalism. B&N Press offers high-quality printing whether it is the paper weight, color, or cover, ensuring that the special edition print version matches your vision and meets industry standards.

B&N Press even has a handy print cover template tool to build a customized print book cover. This template will match the exact specifications of your print book cover generated from information you provide such as the estimated page count and page size.

image of the print book cover template


5. Exploring Additional Revenue Streams

We know self-publishing authors are entrepreneurs, and diversifying revenue streams is a crucial aspect of the business. Special edition print books present an excellent opportunity to expand revenue beyond digital sales. With higher price points justified by their exclusivity and added features, these editions can significantly boost your income and help finance future projects.


three print books covers in a row

6. Collaboration and Artistic Freedom

B&N Press encourages collaboration between authors and artists, opening endless possibilities for creative expression. From collaborating on cover art to incorporating illustrations or images within the book, you can take advantage of the artistic freedom provided by special edition print books. This collaborative spirit not only enhances the book’s appeal but also builds a network of like-minded creatives in the industry.


Special edition print books are a delightful way for self-published authors to elevate their content to new heights. Beyond the traditional digital formats, these editions offer a unique platform for authors to express their creativity, strengthen their bond with readers, and showcase their professionalism.

B&N Press provides the perfect gateway for authors to bring their special edition print books to life. So, if you’re a self-published author, don’t miss the opportunity to create something extraordinary with B&N Press and leave an indelible mark on the literary world. Your special edition print book might just become a cherished gem in the hearts of your readers and a testament to your creative legacy.



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