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Welcome to the NOOK Press Blog! We’re excited to have a new way to connect with writers and readers–a place where we’ll share tips on self-publishing, author interviews and guest posts, and marketing ideas.

Each week we’ll also feature NOOK Press titles that offer readers a great book at a great value.   From mystery to romance to fantasy, find titles you’ll love to share –and check back to see if your NOOK Press title is featured.

We hope you’ll join us in making this blog a place where writers and readers can come together to share the love of books.


  1. Julia, I am hoping to get in touch with your about the Nook Press service. I am a longtime Nook owner and have just published my second novel through Nook Press. However, I cannot seem to gain a foothold or even (literally) 1/100th of the sales on Nook that my books have elsewhere. As I’ve said, I am a proud Nook owner and would like to see nothing more than B&N stay a viable competitor in this market. I just don’t know how else to gain exposure. I have done all of the traditional indie techniques, including a social media presence, networking, blogging and blog hops as well as promotional deals. Any of other suggestions or ways that I can get promoted through Nook Press? Thank you in advance. kathrynbiel (at) outlook (dot) com.

  2. A Nook Tablet owner. How do I purchase this boxed set?