New Bestsellers at just $.99

These  new bestsellers in the mystery category have one thing in common — they’re just $.99.

AddisonHolmesBoxedSetThe Addison Holmes Mystery Boxed Set

Liliana Hart

This three book boxed set features Hart’s history teacher-turned-parttime stripper-turned sleuth Addison Holmes. In Whiskey Bayou, Georgia, Addison’s become used to disasters following her around on a daily basis, but even she is surprised when she discovers her school’s principal dead in the parking lot of a seedy gentlemen’s club.





Sandy James

Forced to flee her abusive fiancé, Cassandra Shay’s disappearance into Montana territory is delayed when she discovers her fiancé and uncle’s plot to murder her illegitimate brother and another innocent cowboy.

Ty Bishop hates the Shays, but accompanies Jake Curtis to meet Jake’s newfound uncle, Derrick Shay. Ty’s suspicions are confirmed when he and Jake are imprisoned and left to drown. After Cassie frees them, the men travel with her for her own protection. When they arrive in Montana, the locals are horrified to discover a Shay in their midst, but Ty is drawn to Cassie like no other and is determined to win her heart.


Thought I Knew You

Kate Moretti


Claire Barnes is shattered when her husband, Greg, goes on a business trip and never returns. Unwilling to just wait for the police to find him, Claire conducts her own investigation. Her best friend Drew helps her look for answers, but all she finds are troubling questions. With every clue, she discovers that Greg may not be the man she thought she married.

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