Resolutions For Writers (That You Can Actually Stick To)

Let’s start 2024 right with our list of resolutions for writers (that you can actually stick to)! 2023 is over and it’s time for a clean slate to be filled with new aspirations and goals, but staying the course isn’t always easy. As we race towards our best writing selves this year, here are our 10 resolutions for writers (that you can actually stick to) because this is your year.

Let’s take it on together!


1. Set Realistic Word Goals

The number one rule for resolutions is to always set realistic goals. This goes for writing as well. As authors, it’s easy for us to get carried away by inspiration for a day and then find ourselves demoralized by writer’s block for the next week. The ratio is completely unfair! Writing exercises our creativity and our focus. And, like any muscle, the best way to strengthen these is to work them consistently.

We start our resolutions for writers list by setting realistic word goals. Set it small at first, 100 to 300 words (or a paragraph or two if you don’t want to deal with numbers), then adjust after a week. The smaller count might feel good for you. Or, maybe you’ll want to push yourself more! Keep in mind that sustainability is the name of the game here. Writing everyday will be a challenge at first, but after about a month it will become second nature. Once you master this, you’ll start popping out novels like Stephen King!

2. Read Widely

We all know the importance of reading within our genre. This helps us better understand the trends and tropes of our niches. And of course, we like the genres that we choose to write in! However, reading widely across genres is a great way to diversify your work. If you write Romance, consider reading Fantasy to help improve your ability to create immersive environments. You could also try poetry to give you stylistic inspiration. Perhaps Mystery writers will want to read History to ground their plots in reality; or delve into Romance to develop stronger character relationships.

Take this opportunity to look for authors of different backgrounds as well. There are an incredible number of cultural perspectives, and it’s especially important for us as authors to listen to unfamiliar voices. Try searching for BIPOC Fiction recommendations or Queer Romance next time you’re on TikTok, there’s so much out there, and all you have to do is a little research!

3. Join a Writing Group or Workshop

In 2024, we are committing to community. Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary profession. Well, the actual writing part will probably still be, but no need to feel like you’re alone on an island! There are online groups aplenty that provide emotional, professional, and social support for authors. These groups can also hold get-togethers and workshops, where you can meet your fellow writers and learn new techniques to play around with on your next project!

This is also great because it will help you make friends in your field. Book people are honestly the most fun and interesting people you’ll ever meet. I met most of my friends working as a Barnes & Noble bookseller. Just because you have to write alone in a cold dark room away from society doesn’t mean that you have to be a hermit when you finish your word count for the day!

4. Go Character Shopping

Alright, with the normal resolutions out of the way, let’s talk about some fun exercises to try this year! Starting with what I like to call “Character Shopping.” This can be done at any point in your writing process but is perfect for when you just need to flesh out a character’s vibe a little more. I also find that this works quite well with both online and in-store shopping.

So, choose one of your characters and enter your store of choice. Search around until you’ve found about 5 things that your character would want. These could be any type of products from food to clothes, to household essentials (and books of course). Which of those would they purchase? Would they leave any behind? Maybe they are really not into your store choice, or maybe their basket is filled to the brim with things they don’t need! This exercise can give you a lot of information about a character and what they value. Try it out and tell us how it worked for you by tagging us in a Facebook post!

5. Create an Inspiration Jar

What is another way we can tackle writer’s block this year? Perhaps crafting our own inspiration jars! Normally with this method, you would write down a bunch of random words and draw them out of the jar when you’re feeling a bit stuck. Our challenge to you – to make this a true resolution – is to write down a word or phrase whenever you feel a hint of inspiration.

For example, you’re startled awake by a bird singing a discordant melody, so you jot down “annoying, out-of-tune bird” on your phone. Maybe you notice a child laughing as her father throws her onto his shoulders, or watch as a car puts on the wrong blinker as they turn down the street. There is inspiration everywhere, so let’s take those moments and use them to fuel us when we need the help!

6. Try People Watching

There is no better way to breathe life into your characters than people watching. You would be surprised by the things you can catch people doing in public. I once saw a woman nonchalantly break the heels off her shoes after tripping over a grate in NYC, what an inspiration! Of course, this is a resolution list, so our goal is to focus on people whenever we can, respectfully of course. (Don’t stalk anybody please!)

You could do this the old-fashioned way by sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant and taking notes, but ideally we want to do it while we’re out and about with our everyday lives. Keep your eyes and ears open for any tidbits that will inspire you. This one would also go well with the Inspiration Jar Resolution!

7. Play with Found Object POV

It is normal for writers to struggle with depicting characters that are completely different from them. This year, let’s try an exercise that might help alleviate that issue! Found object POV is where you pick a random object near you, and write something from their perspective.

What do those oranges think about all day while they sit in that bowl on your counter? Does your TV see the expressions you cycle through as you stare into it? Maybe your shoes have wisdom you never considered. Try doing this exercise as a warm-up, or whenever you’re having trouble writing a character with a different perspective, you’ll be glad you did!

8. Jam to a Playlist

What author wants to sit alone in a cold, dark room with no ambiance as they craft their characters and worlds? Not me, that’s for sure! One of our resolutions for writers this year is to create playlists that fit the vibe for our stories. Take a couple of hours to find instrumental pieces that enhance your book’s atmosphere, or go a step further and make a playlist for each character. This could also be helpful in getting into that character’s mindset and augment your story’s immersiveness.

Bonus! If you create a public playlist, your readers will be able to use it while they’re reading your book. That’s certainly a gift most readers would remember for a long time!

9. Seek Out Unfamiliar Topics

There is a lot going on in our world today, who better to highlight those topics than authors? These could be big plot points or background dressing, either way they’ll help ground your story or bring awareness to lesser known subjects. For example, have you ever heard of Ecofeminism or the Slow Food Movement? You could research issues people are having across the globe or even investigate the cause of some crazy event you remember happening (Killer clowns of 2020 anyone?)

You can also use this as a time to research other cultures, religions, and communities in more depth. Let’s set a resolution this year to learn more than ever before and use our platforms to share that knowledge with our audience!

10. Be Kind To Yourself

Writing can be difficult. Setting and following goals can be even more difficult. It is important that we commit to being kind to ourselves in 2024. Maybe you don’t meet your word goal one week, or your character work is falling flat. Let yourself feel that disappointment, take a deep breath, and take the next step forward.

Find time to sit back and take care of yourself and your community. There’s always more to do, more stories to share, but we can only run on an empty tank for so long. Treat yourself with a new book, a bubbly bath, or a trip to the park or beach with your friends. Refill that tank so you can be the writer you always dreamed to be!


Let us know what resolutions for  you’re choosing in 2024. Happy New Year writers, this is going to be a great one!


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