Indie Romance Authors To Watch in 2024!

We’ve go our picks for Indie Romance authors to watch out for in 2024! We all know who the heavy hitters are in the romance world, but let’s take a moment to recognize some of the newer authors on the scene who are impressing us in a variety of ways. So, here are four up and coming Indie Romance authors that we know will be readers’ favorites this year (and many years to come!).

Love is in the air, and it smells like books ❤️



If there’s one thing we realized last year, it’s how much we all love Romantasy as a genre. Now our eyes are always peeled for the next Sarah J Maas and Rebecca Yarros. Queue in B.C. FaJohn. So far, she has gifted us with the three books from The Runed series, including the newly released Curse of Death & Time. Follow Cateline as she and her unlikely allies journey through love, loss, and agony to decide the lesser of two evils and fulfill their promise. Her books are currently only available in Print, so head over to and order them today!





Tracy Ewens knows how to immediately grab our attention with these unique and beautiful covers. But it gets even better as we dive into the pages. Reviewers rate Tracy as a master storyteller and are raving for her newest title – which conveniently has an audiobook for you listeners out there! Stay features Clara, a world-renowned cellist whose life has been planned out for her by a team of professionals. She unexpectedly finds herself the recipient of half her grandfather’s inn in a small town… where she meets the other owner, Dylan, the hometown hero. This love story beautifully portrays the inner struggle between our desires and reality. Will Clara manage to reconcile the conflict within?


Maybe you were looking for something a little spicier? Well, look no further than AC Arthur! She recently released the fifth entry in the “The Donovan Dynasty” series and has preorders ready to go on several audiobooks. In her most recent release, Suri, the titular character finds herself involved in a crime syndicate investigation. She despises the agent on the case… yet inexplicably drawn to him. When she goes missing, Agent Pierce vows to go to any lengths to bring her back.





Romantic Comedies are a staple for most romance readers, but you would be surprised at how few of those authors publish some of their own books! Let’s take a look at Camilla Isley, who was once an engineer but is now here to bring you loads of cute and hilarious titles. One of her newest releases, Opposites Attract, focuses on Vivian, a single mom and divorce lawyer in NYC who is sure that there are no good men in the city. It doesn’t help that Dr. Khan, the couple’s therapist, is poaching her clients. Things escalate between the two as Khan proposes a bet, leading to a fierce battle of wits… and perhaps more.





Whether it’s sweet or spicy, hilarious or heartbreaking, Romance will always have a special place in our hearts, and our bookshelves. So, keep these indie authors in mind when you grab your Valentine’s Day reads this year! What up and coming indie author would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy Reading!


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