Self-Publishing Trends In 2024!

In 2024, it’s important to explore a few self-publishing trends that could define the future of the industry. From innovative crowdfunding approaches to the use of cutting-edge technology, authors have a myriad of tools at their disposal with plenty more to consider.

Let’s explore five key self-publishing trends that could define your writing journey in the coming year.


1) Kickstart Reader Engagement

This year, one major self-publishing trend that isn’t slowing down is the way authors leverage crowdfunding platforms. Like Kickstarter. This platform not only can fund an author’s projects, but can also help build a dedicated community around their work. Kickstarter’s unique model allows authors to pitch their ideas directly to readers. It can offer exclusive incentives. And also include behind-the-scenes access in exchange for support.

And this trend goes beyond traditional funding models. It fosters a sense of collaboration and community between authors and readers. By involving readers in the creative process, authors create a more engaged and invested audience. This in turn, can leverage book launches into communal events.


2) Diversity and Inclusivity

In 2024 and beyond, there will be a continued emphasis on not just writing books that explore a wider range of voices, perspectives, and genres, but also how readers access these books. While it shouldn’t be “trendy,” having content that better represents (and celebrates) the range of experiences, cultures, and perspectives makes reading and writer a more enriching and transformative experience for both creators and audiences alike.

And it’s not just the stories being told, but how they are being told. Customizable formatting and audio descriptions are a few ways readers with visual or auditory impairments can access content in a format that suits their needs. In prioritizing diverse storytelling and inclusive presentation, self-published authors contribute to a literary world that truly embraces the principle that great stories are for everyone.


3) AI Narration vs Human Narration

One thing you will start seeing a lot more of in the near future is the availability of AI Narration. This will be a huge boon to Indie authors. Especially those who don’t have the resources to work with a professional narrator or studio. However, AI can be controversial. Actively choosing to work with real people could make a strong statement for indies. It could reinforce the value of human connection and authenticity in storytelling.

And resources are the main obstacle to working with professional readers. But keep in mind that all voice actors must start somewhere. There are beginners often willing to work for a very low fee (or even for free) to fill out their resume. Reach out to social media groups or do some research to find a human narrator that is within your budget. It’s a win-win for everyone! (except for our future AI overlords I suppose).


4) Cross-Genre Titles

Between Sarah J. Maas and Rebecca Yarros, we saw a tidal wave of excitement for the Romantasy genre! And that’s a trend we can anticipate will continue into 2024. Romance has been the favorite genre for indies as long as eBooks have been around. But now the readers are looking for something a little more than your average love story.

Another sub-genre that’s blown up is Dark Romance. Somewhat opposite to the more escapist Romantasy genre, Dark Romance prefers to delve deep into our psychology to face our fears head on. Keep your eyes peeled for more titles that veer slightly off the traditional path. Who knows, maybe your Cottagecore Rom-com will be the next trend!


5) Exclusive Print Books

What do Ironflame, Ninth House, and Kings of Sin all have in common? That’s right, they all have B&N exclusive editions! Readers love to pad their personal libraries with their favorite authors’ books, especially the limited-time exclusives. Luckily, indie authors can take advantage of this as well.

Exclusive indie books can have a special cover or an interview with the author, maybe even special artwork if you can swing it! Either way, you’ll be able to get that special golden “Barnes & Noble Exclusive” sticker on the website and draw up sales and buzz for your title!



As we look ahead to 2024, the self-publishing landscape is evolving faster than ever before. These self-publishing trends underscore the industry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the literary world. As authors and readers alike continue to champion diverse voices, technology innovations, crowdsourcing and more, the self-publishing journey becomes not only a creative endeavor but also a collective celebration of storytelling.


Write on!


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