This Week’s Five Favorite Indie eBooks

Another week, another 5 Favorite Indies for us to share! From cozy mysteries to wholesome love stories, these titles are the perfect partners to your first days of Summer.


A Whisker of Suspicion by K. T. Lee

Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Veronica Perry travels the world to help animals in need. When Riverbend Animal Conservation Center offers her a chance to lead their veterinary team and help repopulate endangered species in her own backyard, Veronica eagerly accepts. The opportunity to train Luna, a foster puppy for Riverbend K-9 Academy’s wildlife detection program, is an added bonus. Veronica’s longtime friend, Kai Torres, the head zookeeper at RACC, joins her in restoring the new land conservancy near Riverbend. Their mission becomes urgent after discovering that two citizens were attacked nearby. As they work to ensure the land’s safety, Luna’s discoveries reveal that the perpetrator is using the conservancy as cover for a nefarious crime. Now, Veronica and Kai must uncover the truth before it’s too late.

What people are saying: “This book is so good that once you start reading it, you don’t want to stop. It has just the right amount of suspense to keep you turning the pages. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.” – Ferri A, B&N Reviewer


Hard to Fake by Piper Lawson

Miles Garrett is a pro basketball player with a heartstopping smile and infamous cocky charm. But to me, he’s always been more than a celebrity; he’s the guy who puts friends and family first…and my college crush. When my sorority sister decides to bring my ex to our reunion, I need a plus-one who can have my back and save my pride. Asking Miles is the perfect solution—until he raises the stakes for both of us. He says he’s only playing to win and will be the best fake boyfriend I’ve ever had. But his gaze hunts mine across a crowded room, he protects me with a fierceness that steals my breath, and our just-for-show kisses ignite a wildfire inside me. Fighting feelings that have been simmering for years, our pretend relationship starts feeling dangerously legit, because it’s hard to fake what’s always been real.

What people are saying: “This book is a super quick read with cute banter. It’s the first book in the Denver Kodiaks series and the ending 🤯. I need book two!” – AB 23., B&N Reviewer



Please Be My Love by Arizona Tape

When everyone is talking about boys, Jo can’t stop thinking about girls. It wouldn’t be so bad if she could share her new discovery with her best friend, but how can she tell Ellie that she likes… Ellie? Please Be My Love is a sweet lesbian romance about first loves and discovering yourself. Featured in B&N Press’s Pride BOGO deal. Check it out here!

What people are saying:  “I’ve read several books written by Arizona Tape; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books.” – Jeanne Richardson, Reviewer


Trust Me by Rachel Grant

Taken hostage by terrorists, archaeologist Diana Edwards must risk everything when a SEAL attempts to rescue her too soon. On a mission to uncover the link between artifact trafficking and terrorism, Diana is kidnapped and forced to work for the very people she’s trying to stop. The nightmare intensifies when she discovers the man who arranged her abduction is a terrorist believed to be dead. A team of SEALs, led by Chris Flyte, is sent to save her, but Diana’s non-cooperation endangers them all. Once safely on American soil, her story of abduction becomes suspect. However, when she shows up at Chris’s doorstep claiming to have seen one of her abductors, Chris must decide if the archaeologist is lying or if a terrorist has followed her home.

What people are saying: “5+++ Stars TRUST ME, I mean really trust me! You are definitely going to want to read this!! ” – Catlou2, B&N Reviewer


Books & Broadswords, Volume One by Jessie Mihalkik

This novella-length volume includes two romantic fantasy stories set in a shared world, each with a guaranteed happily ever after, plus a new bonus epilogue. In “Books & Broadswords,” Feora loves stealing the king’s gold to buy books, but when a persistent and handsome knight interrupts her day, she must decide if saving his life is worth revealing her true nature. In “Rocks & Rapiers,” Zenira, forced to sell her rock collection due to a rent increase, follows a rumor about a collector who values her stones. Her journey leads her to an icy scowl, a muddy manor, and an irresistible urge to mend the mess, owner included.

What people are saying: “This a delightful way to spend a summer afternoon. Ms. Mihalik has turned to fantasy for those delightful stories of magic, dragons, and love. Highly recommend.” – Sandra, Reviewer

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